Smallville To Kill Off Two Major Characters

Smallville has had us emotionally dancing over the last year.  First, we had to wait and wonder if they were headed into a 9th season.  Obviously (now), a new Smallville season is coming.

In conjunction with a 9th season given a green light, it's been assumed that Tom Welling renewed his contract for that season, although it hasn't been officially announced.

Unsubstantiated (someone said it, but provided no source or link) rumors say Welling signed a multi-year contract, but I can't find anything to back that up.  Better yet, let me take it one step further:  We are presuming that Welling renewed his contract!  Didn't think of that one, did ya?

We've not seen any official announcement on a contract renewal between The CW and Welling, have we?  The big question is: If for some wild and odd reason he didn't renew, would the show go into a 9th season and how?

In a December '08 TV Guide issue, they wrote that while the studio was pondering if there was going to be a 9th season, the producers were getting ready to pitch a spin-off starring Phil Morris, who plays Martian Manhunter.  I wonder if they are still keeping that in the works?

But enough of messing with your head.  The newest thing I have my fingers on is that we have a new scenario to ponder and we have a new guessing game for the Screen Rant readers to play.

The new game is what two characters in Smallville are going to die.  They've been coined as pivotal characters and their deaths won't be the kind where they keep coming back like we see in other shows.  In Smallville, death is the end.  That's refreshing... and nerve wracking.

Additionally, the producers of the show, who have been developing a rather nice season so far, do have a few twists in store for us for their 9th season of Smallville on The CW.

Future Look at This Week's Episode:

In the upcoming episode that my lead-in picture is from, we've got a desperate Linda Lake (Tori Spelling) trying to blackmail Clark into giving her a scoop on the mystery hero of Metropolis.  She needs a boost to her career.  Lake thinks she can blackmail Clark because she knows his secret.  Clark refuses to let himself be blackmailed and does something else...  well, you'll see on March 12th - I can't give everything away.  Then where would be the fun and suspense of watching?  But I gotta say, I hope it's some sort of dream episode 'cause I don't like where this episode goes if it's not.

A gift for the fans:

No, that's not Superdog Tom is walking!  This is a candid image I found of Tom Welling out in public out on the net.  Thought you'd like the eye candy.  The dog is cool!

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