WWE SmackDown: See Ric Flair's Return After Charlotte Championship Win

Not only did Charlotte Flair become SmackDown Women's Champion on Tuesday night, but she got to celebrate the moment with her father.

Ric Flair made his first WWE appearance after a recent health scare to congratulate his daughter Charlotte after she won the SmackDown Women's Championship. SmackDown Live promised to be a big show this week. Two title matches that could have Survivor Series implications if either of them had a championship change hands, plus New Day taking on Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens— that was only what was announced going into the show. The highlight of all three of those pre-announced matches though was always going to be Charlotte and Natalya doing battle for Neidhart's gold.

The night's title matches were featured back to back, and the women had a surprisingly tough act to follow after The Lone Wolf successfully defended his United States Title against Sin Cara. Naturally, they did follow it and put on an even better bout than the men had done right before them. The two of them have a history that dates all the way back to Flair's early days in NXT and it shows via their in-ring chemistry.


Both women are submission specialists, so it's no surprise that the match eventually came to an end with one woman making the other tap. The Superstar tapping was the now former SmackDown Women's Champion, Natalya. Once Charlotte locked in her signature Figure Eight Leglock, a move she adapted after inheriting it from her father, there was nowhere to go for Nattie and she had no choice but to submit.

Post-match Charlotte was clearly quite emotional. Renee Young joined the new champ in the ring and interviewed her, asking questions about The Queen's next opponent Alexa Bliss who she will now face at Survivor Series. Once she was finished sending a stark warning to Alexa though you could see the tears in Charlotte's eyes as the topic of conversation turned to her father. It's been a tough few months for the Flairs and the new champ commented on how her proud father was watching on at home.

It turns out Ric wasn't watching on at home. In fact, he was actually backstage. As Baby Flair made her way back up the entrance way she was interrupted and surprised by The Nature Boy. That's when the tears began to flow and Charlotte unexpectedly had the opportunity to share that special moment with her father.

While Natalya as Women's Champion was great while it lasted and well deserved for The Queen of Harts, Charlotte Flair versus Alexa Bliss is much more compelling. When it comes to women that WWE is clearly behind right now, there are none more fitting of that role than Flair and Bliss. It's only right that the two most popular women in the company are the ones who will square off at Survivor Series.


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