10 Slytherin Traits Harry Potter Possesses

Had Harry kept his desire to not be in Slytherin to himself, the Sorting Hat could have very well placed him in Slytherin. Why, you ask? Well, just for you, here are 10 Slytherin traits that Harry Potter possessed.

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10 He speaks Parseltongue

Okay, so we know that the reason Harry was able to speak to snakes is because a piece of Voldemort’s soul was inside him. Still, him being a Parselmouth and being able to access Salazar Slytherin’s Chamber of Secrets gets him 10 points for Slytherin.

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Also, Harry does seem to have an affinity toward snakes. Maybe it’s due to him being a Parselmouth, but he doesn’t seem at all alarmed when the snake escapes in The Sorcerer’s Stone. Most of us, whether we’re into snakes or not, would probably be at least a little freaked out. Just saying.

9 He’s Definitely Ambitious


Ambition is a trait people often associate with Slytherins. They do whatever they can to “achieve their means,” as the Sorting Hat says. This tends to have a negative connotation usually associated with power or fame, but ambition isn’t just about that. Ambition can be in reference to all sorts of successes, including things like reaching the Sorcerer’s Stone first and saving a doomed hippogriff and a godfather.

8 He Doesn’t Always Play By The Rules

From the beginning, Harry has displayed a certain disregard for the rules. Gryffindors have a reputation for troublemaking as well, but Salazar Slytherin specifically looked for that quality in his prized students. Also, troublemaking and rulebreaking aren't quite the same things.

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While the Weasley twins might pull a few pranks for laughs, Harry has a tendency to simply ignore the rules if they stand in the way of something he wants. Curfew, what's that? Restricted section? Not so restricted. Using an Unforgivable Curse? Surely, it's forgivable.

7 He’s Also Very Good At Bending The Rules

Cunning is another trait greatly valued by the Slytherin House, and one that Harry displays. There are several examples of Harry deceiving even friends and allies to get what he wants. A good example of this is when he pretends to spike Ron's drink with Felix Felicis before a Quidditch match. The manipulation was entirely harmless and was only meant to give Ron confidence, but a manipulation nonetheless.

Harry has used his cunning in more serious ways as well. For instance, when Harry agrees to give Griphook the sword of Gryffindor, he makes it clear to Hermione later that he was purposely vague about when exactly Griphook would get the sword. It was clever, but also pretty deceitful.

6 He Has A Good Sense Of Self-Preservation

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This trait is a very important one, especially when you have one of the evilest wizards in existence after you. But Harry learned about self-preservation well before he found out he was the Boy Who Lived. A childhood of living with the Dursleys gave Harry a strong sense of survival, but that's not a bad thing.

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While self-preservation can sometimes be equated with cowardice, it shouldn't always be. It can just be smart. It can be especially smart when you're just a kid with a lasting hope for everything that is good and decent in the world.

5 The Boy Has An Ego

This becomes apparent especially during The Halfblood Prince when he seems to let "The Chosen One" thing get to his head a little. But even taking out that bit, Harry is kind of full of himself. As the story progresses, Harry increasingly thinks that everything is his fault and that people are dying for him. Honey, no. They're fighting for the cause, not for you specifically.

Oh, also there was the whole thing with him trying to sneak off to go find the Horcruxes on his own. He thinks it's entirely his responsibility when really, it's kind of everyone's fight. After all, if Voldemort isn't stopped, it isn't just Harry that will be affected.

4 He’s Actually Related To Voldemort By Blood

Distantly, of course, but still. Harry and Voldemort are both descendants of the Peverell family, whose name became well-known due to being the subjects in the legend, "The Tale of the Three Brothers."

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The story tells the tale of the Deathly Hallows, of which the Invisibility Cloak that Harry's father passed down to him is revealed to be one.

3 He’s A Born Winner

Prior to Harry’s arrival at Hogwarts, Slytherin had been the top house at Hogwarts. They’d won the last six House Cups and before Dumbledore had awarded Gryffindor extra points at the end of The Sorcerer’s Stone, they’d been in the lead during Harry’s first year as well. Their ambition gives them a strong desire to win and well, Harry has that, too. Even when there’s an evil wizard out to kill him, he wants to make sure he does well at Quidditch, the Triwizard Tournament, and whatever else is going on that year.

2 He’s A Leader

Dumbledores Army

Slytherins are natural-born leaders. While it may be a Gryffindor standing in front of the crowd with a bullhorn, it's a Slytherin who is able to see the whole picture and make the hard decisions. Their ability to be calculating and resourceful makes them well-suited t0 leading groups. This can be a bad thing; like in the case of Voldemort, but Merlin was also a Slytherin and proved himself to be a very good and not-homicidal leader.

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In the same way, Harry is able to bring his friends and allies together and lead them in an effective manner. At Hermione's suggestion, he’s able to establish Dumbledore’s Army in his fifth year right under Umbridge’s nose and proves himself to be good at not only leading but also teaching.

1 He Wants To Prove Himself

Who doesn’t, really? But Slytherins do have a strong sense of needing to show that they deserve fear, respect, or whatever it is they’re trying to gain. We can see this in the likes of Draco Malfoy, who feels the need to prove his superiority over Harry.

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While Harry’s desire to prove himself manifests much less maliciously, we can still see him trying to constantly live up to his tag as "The Chosen One."

Can you think of other Slytherin traits Harry Potter has? Let us know in the comments!

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