Sleight Trailer #2: 'Chronicle Meets Iron Man'

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Heroes are incredibly popular in movies these days. So popular that the two biggest comic book publishers each have their own cinematic universes for their heroes (the MCU and DCEU, respectively). But not all heroes wear capes; sometimes heroes in movies are regular people trying to deal with regular criminals. Sometimes, their struggles are about stopping the crisis at hand or preventing a crime from taking place. It's not always about saving hundreds or thousands of people; sometimes a hero is simple trying to save the people they love.

That is largely the plot of the upcoming movie Sleight. A young street magician named Bo - played by singer Jacob Latimore - turns to a local criminal for work when his need for money is desperate; not because he wants anything for himself, but because he is an orphan, and legal guardian to his young sister, Tina. But when he gets in over his head and Tina is in danger, Bo is forced to go from criminal to hero in order to fight for her. Luckily for Bo, his magic tricks are not tricks at all. He's got power, what appears to be a form of telekinesis. And if he can make his power stronger, he and his sister might just be able to get out alive.

The second trailer, seen above, focuses strongly on Bo's magical powers and abilities. He uses his magic to impress women, but when he realizes that he is in over his head, Bo starts training in earnest. According to a review from Fandango which appears during the trailer, Sleight is "Chronicle Meets Iron Man."

Sleight 2017 Movie Image

The comparison to Chronicle is an apt one. Both movies are about teenage boys with difficult lives who find themselves in control of an incredible power. The difference is that the boys from Chronicle use the powers excessively, until one of them becomes insane with it. Bo seems to be in more control. In the trailer, he only uses his power for specific reasons: his magic tricks and then, to fight the local criminals who threaten him and his sister.

The Iron Man comparison is harder to see on the surface. Tony Stark is a wealthy playboy who hardly ever knows when to be serious. Bo is poor and struggling, constantly prioritizing his little sister. Tony's powers come from a suit he builds, Bo's are magical. But like Tony Stark, Bo sees danger in his life and decides to fight back, using his natural abilities.

Bo might not be flying around, teaming up with The Avengers and saving the world. He might not be a comic book character. But in the movie Sleight, Bo is still a superhero.

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  • Sleight (2017) release date: Apr 28, 2017
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