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When it was first announced that fan-favorite writer/producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (Star Trek and Fringe) were planning a Sleepy Hollow TV series, set in contemporary day, reactions were mixed - with many potential viewers wondering how the story of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman could successfully compete in the modern TV landscape. However, week after week, the show has maintained a steady audience and garnered generally positive word of mouth - with some truly creative (and freaky) supernatural story lines. Can the series sustain its lofty mythology, and subsequent viewership, to reach its goal of seven years (in the show's timeline) worth of material?

The cast and crew of the show came to New York Comic Con 2013 to tease what fans can expect in the coming months - along with recently announced season 2.

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  • Alex Kurtzman (Executive Producer), Len Wiseman (Executive Producer), Heather Kaden (Executive Producer), Phillip Iscove (Writer), Tom Mison (Ichabod Crane), Nicole Beharie (Lt. Abbie Mills), Orlando Jones (Captain Frank Irving), and Katia Winter (Katrina Crane).
  • Showing old footage of Crane being chased by the four horseman - only to be pulled underground by vines, narrowly escaping.
  • Mison says that it was lover at first site for him - when he read the script. Kurtzman said that Crane was originally written as an American not British and they thought it would be fun to explore why he was fighting for America.
  • Replaying footage of Abbie Mills trapped in the interrogation/dream with the Sandman. Beharie says she was actually ill on set that day and it added to her performance. Wiseman says the Sandman design was inspired as a twisted fairytale that started with the creatures eyes - prefers using as many practical effects as possible.
  • Replaying footage of Crane talking to "Yolanda" about love and relationships from episode 4. Kurtzman says the key to the world is grounding the show in an authentic reality but it still has to be funny - and it's an important balance. Wiseman claims that they know the show has to take the mythology seriously but you lose something if it's too serious.
  • Mison says the biggest challenge for him is not indulging himself too much in the funny scenes - and those are the most fun moments to play. It's important for him to remember the more serious side of Crane - a tough balance for him.
  • Kurtzman says they've been shooting fast but they try to give actors a lot of information ahead of time. Mison claims that he and Kurtzman have talked about everything that will happen into parts of season 2 (and that it made his hair stand on end). Promises fans have a lot to look forward to in the next year.
  • Kurtzman claims that they already have a plan in place for season - but they are concentrating on this season to make sure that everything is great.


  • Winters thinks that the crew will need Katrina's help at some point. Kurtzman teases that there are good and bad covens of witches and that's something they will explore.
  • Jones says he's been a fan of this world (along with Star Trek, Star Wars, etc) and it's fun to punch the fourth wall.
  • Wiseman thinks that the story is exciting but the twist on the legend that's used in the show allows them to touch on a lot of genres - helping to make the show even more engaging for viewers. Beharie thinks there are a lot of different tones and genres coming together that "it's so wrong, it's right."
  • Kurtzman says they actually try to go to written texts and stay as authentic to mythology as much as possible - but also allow room for the show to be different enough to keep things fresh.
  • Mison says that there's undoubtedly a (mostly platonic) connection between Crane and Mills but there's always in the back of his mind that he's got a wife (and she's a witch). He can try to assimilate to modern culture, but if he becomes at home in the present world, he's lost something important to the character. It's important for him to remember where he comes from.
  • Winter says that fans have yet to see the connection between Katrina and Ichabod - and that they will in the coming weeks get to explore that backstory (and possibly in modern time as well).
  • Kurtzman claims that there are a lot more demons and mythology reveals in the coming weeks.
  • Iscove claims they wanted to a Twin Peaks-like small town story but Kurtzman's idea to make the Headless Horseman one of the four horseman of the apocalypse really opened up the story and core mythology of the show.


  • Showed 8 minutes of unaired (and unedited) footage.
  • MILD SPOILERS for the November 4th episode of Sleepy Hollow from here on out.
  • Ichabod and Mills talk about the virtue of baseball - the rules never change, everyone is equal, etc.
  • Ichabod goes to visit Katrina's grave and is abducted by unknown assailants.
  • Katrina visits Mills in a dream informing her of Ichabod's abduction and instructing her to find the "Sin Eater" (John Noble) - who can unshackle Ichabod from his connection to the horseman.


Sleepy Hollow airs Monday @9pm on Fox.

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