What Sleepy Hollow Season 5 Probably Would Have Been About

Despite the unifying presence of Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) and Jenny Mills (Lyndie Greenwood) through all four seasons, Sleepy Hollow was nearly unrecognizable from its origins when FOX decided to cancel it. With the death of Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) at the end of season 3, the show had to do its biggest reboot yet, including shifting the action from the titular town to Washington, D.C.

In season 4, Ichabod partnered up with Homeland Security agent Diana Thomas (Janina Gavankar), whose daughter took up Abbie's mantle as the second Witness. Ichabod, Diana, and Jenny fought new supernatural dangers with the help of Jake Wells (Jerry MacKinnon) and Alex Norwood (Rachel Melvin), members of a George Washington-founded secret agency in the government. The season included time travel, the return of the Horsemen, and Ichabod striking a deal with the devil to save the world.

As Sleepy Hollow star Gavankar recently revealed to TVLine, the finale "ended on a great note, story-wise." While the definitive victory for the characters served as an acceptable conclusion to the series, there were still plenty of threads that could have continued into another season. Gavankar noted that even that kraken from the final episode could have been a "big, big case" in season 5.

"Water-worldly creatures" aside, Gavankar said the showrunners avidly discussed what role the two Mollys would have in the season, especially considering how the Witness mantle passed onto time-traveler Lara (Seychelle Gabriel). The actress also joked about some other unfinished business regarding her daughter.

"Nobody told me the answer, but they were deciding whether or not Lara — older Molly — was going to be part of the cast and all of the stories. I wanted to know what happened to my baby daddy? Did we call to tell him, ‘It’s OK, we know that you’re not a werewolf?'"

Sleepy Hollow earned positive buzz and good ratings initially, but too many viewers tuned out after a poorly-crafted second season and the controversial exit of Beharie. The shame of it all was that season 4 was actually an excellent reboot of the series, finally balancing that tricky blend of supernatural, drama, humor, and character bonding that had drawn fans to the show in the first place.

It would have been fun to see how Sleep Hollow moved forward and tackled a situation very familiar to Supernatural fans -- wriggling out of a deal with the devil. But as Gavankar points out, the biggest loss is for those looking for diverse casts with multiple strong roles for women. "Everywhere you looked, there was some badass girl running around, taking down monsters. I loved that about that show and I hope many, many more follow suit."

Source: TVLine

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