'Sleepy Hollow' Cast & Crew Tease 'Explosive' Season 2 Premiere

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Plot Details

Fox's Sleepy Hollow was one of the few shows that premiered last year to earn itself a season 2. The series returns this fall, and when it does, it'll come with more episodes - 18 altogether, which is even more than previously suggested.

Season 2 will put that added screen time to good use not doubt, as Sleepy Hollow's season finale left plenty of questions unanswered and created plenty more. The fates of almost all its characters were left hanging in the balance and fans are desperate for any insight as to what will happen next.

Which is where the series' stars Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie, along with executive producers Roberto Orci, Len Wiseman, Heather Kadin and Mark Goffman, come in. At a screening event in Los Angeles as part of the show's For Your Consideration campaign, Sleepy Hollow's cast and crew teased what's on the way for season 2.

As recounted by Variety, Mison began:

"The great thing is, the second season starts exactly at the moment the finale left off, so all of the pace that’s been building up through the last 13 episodes, it’s just straight in. We’re hitting the ground running, so there’s no time for Ichabod or Abbie to sit back and consider what’s happened."

Beharie added that the season 2 premiere will be "explosive" and indicated that audiences should "buckle up." Considering where we last left Ichabod and Abbie - buried alive and trapped in Purgatory, respectively - fans would appreciate it if the series resolved those cliffhangers quickly.

Speaking of Abbie and her new digs, Beharie admits:

"[She's] a little terrified — Purgatory is challenging, that’s the whole idea. Every story you hear about it is that it’s going to try you and challenge you and play with your mind. It’s interesting how she deals with it."

But don't fret, Sleepyheads, Abbie and Icabod will be reunited before long. "They'll do whatever they have to do to get back together and stay together and fight evil," Kadin says.

Though it won't be all that simple. With the revelation that Ichabod's son, Jeremy Crane (a.k.a. Henry Parish as played by John Noble of Fringe frame), is War, the second Horseman of the Apocalypse, defeating the Horsemen has become all that more complicated.

As Orci puts it:

"Now Crane knows his son is a villain and that’s tough to deal with, but (Abbie’s) not related to (Jeremy). So she’s now aware that she’s got to fight however she can to do what she has to. They may not always agree, even though they’re joined at the hip."

Noble's Jeremy has also been promoted to a series regular, but Orci cautions fans not to expect him to play the bad guy so openly. "He’s actually still part of the town and part of the fabric of what’s going on," Orci said. "He’s integrating into the town, so he’s a delicious, gigantic bomb waiting to go off.”

Besides further exploring the mythology of Sleepy Hollow and dealing with new villains, the series' second season will also be introducing a couple of new characters. Matt Barr (Hatfields & McCoys) is joining the Fox series as a bounty hunter and former associate of Jenny's (Lyndie Greenwood), so don't be surprised if (or rather when) something romantic begins to develop between the two.

Matt Barr and Timothy Busfield in Sleepy Hollow Season 2
Timothy Busfield and Matt Barr

Timothy Busfield (The West Wing) is joining Sleepy Hollow as a character who needs no introduction: Benjamin Franklin. And as Goffman puts it, the series has interesting plans for how to incorporate the founding father:

"We wanted to come up with a Franklin that had never really been portrayed before on television, and this one has a level of irreverence and brilliance and smarts — his relationship with Crane is going to be something that’s memorable and a lot of fun to watch. This is a person who was responsible for so much of the founding of our country and so many inventions that we take for granted; there’s many seasons worth of stories to unwind in how he played a role in the Revolution and his relationship with Crane."

Finally, the producers all agreed that guilt would be the driving force for season 2, particularly for Ichabod, who Wiseman admits "feels like he has failed."

Goffmans expanded on this, saying:

"I think the first season was very much about figuring out the sins of the past and how he got to where he is, and now it’s about really embracing that. His wife is now out of Purgatory, his son — who he never knew — he wants a chance to see if there’s any redemption there, so we’re dealing with family bonds and the idea of redemption and hope, and that’s a really interesting area for him to explore."

Clearly, the second season's beefed up episode order will be put to good use. Sleepy Hollow season 2 appears to have more than enough plot for its 18 episodes, and if it keeps the almost reckless pace it established in its season, fans will indeed have to "buckle up."

What are you most looking forward to from Sleepy Hollow season 2? What do you make of its two newest additions? Let us hear from you in the comments below.


Sleepy Hollow returns to Fox in Fall 2014.

Source: Variety

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