'Sleepy Hollow' Season 2 Images: Abbie & Ichabod Packing Heat

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 to run 15 episodes

It's fair to say that Fox's Sleepy Hollow was one of the more notable cult-hit freshman series of the 2013 TV season. The show may not have huge numbers, ratings-wise, but it overcame a very questionable premise (a modern re-telling of the Sleepy Hollow legend) to offer viewers a Supernatural-style blend of rich mythos (combining horror lore with historical facts and myths) as well as great characterization (super-spy/fish-out-of-water Ichabod Crane and skeptic cop Abbie Mills).

After attempting to stop the demon Moloch from gaining entry into our realm (all part of a plan stretching back to America's founding fathers, naturally), Ichabod was confronted by a new threat: his son Jeremy, who had been hiding in plain sight all along as Abbie and Ichabod's supposed alley, Henry the sin-eater. Needless to say, sonny-boy didn't exactly embrace papa with open arms; he's found a new father-figure in the form of  Moloch - the big bad who has now trapped Abbie in purgatory. Meanwhile, the Headless Horeseman finally got his hands on his longtime obsession, Ichabod's witchy wife Katrina.



Sleepy Hollow Season 2 - Abbie and Ichabod SWAT style
Sleepy Hollow Season 2 - Abbie and Ichabod with Machine Guns
Sleepy Hollow Season 2 - Abbie (Nicole Beharie) and Ichabod (Tom Mison)
Sleepy Hollow Season 2 - Ichabod (Tom Mison)
Sleep Hollow Season 2 - Jenny Mills (Lyndie Greenwood)
Sleepy Hollow Season 2 - John Noble

In these Sleepy Hollow season 2 images you learn quite a few things:

  1. Jeremy is still up to no good.
  2. Jenny survived that car crash.
  3. Ichabod makes out of his premature burial.
  4. Abbie makes it out of purgatory.

You could call them spoilers - but come on, can you really? Our principal characters still being alive is kind of a necessity - and a villain continuing in his villainy is pretty standard, as well. What is new about all this is seeing Abbie and Ichabod packing that heavy, weapons-wise. Clearly the pair aren't taking the threat against them lightly.

Whom they are hunting in this particular scene (Jeremy? The Horseman?) remains to be seen - as does what happens when they finally locate that person (or persons). The rest of season 2 we expect to meet more Horsemen of the Apocalypse reveal themselves (two down, two to go), as well as more historical figures like Ben Franklin. As always, the showrunners likely have a their mythos rich with the sort of mystery horror quirky fun that fans have come to expect.


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Sleepy Hollow returns Sept. 22nd at 9PM on Fox.

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