'Sleepy Hollow': The Forgotten Son

Sleepy Hollow Season 2

[This is a review of Sleepy Hollow season 2, episode 6. There will be SPOILERS.]


Sleepy Hollow introduces us to a surprising new character this week in the form of Sheriff Corbin's son, Joe (Zach Appleman). With a terrifying Wendigo on the loose, the team must find a cure before it's too late in this week's episode, entitled 'And the Abyss Gazes Back'.

In the wake Katrina and Ichabod's disagreement, we find our troubled Englishman trying out Yoga, or "torture" as he refers to it. Ichabod appears to have come to an understanding of why Katrina hid the truth from him, but he's still frustrated nonetheless. Abbie's relentless attempts to tell her friend that it's acceptable to share his feelings openly was a nice touch. The two witnesses continue to strengthen their already tightly knit bond to each other. It's been said before, but the decision to make their relationship strictly professional was the right move. Do you see that changing while Katrina is still alive?

The other love triangle beginning to take shape between Abbie, Jenny, and Nick Hawley could spell trouble for the sisters. While Abbie doesn't seem interested, Jenny's lack of emotional restraint might get in the way of future missions. Hopefully this is not something that season 2 focuses on too keenly, for there are far more important plot-lines to get through first.

Sleepy Hollow is still one of best shows on television, with a stellar cast and fast-paced action that will leave you entertained for hours on end, yet that does not mean the show is without its weaknesses.

Captain Irving is one such obstacle, as the former officer is stuck inside a mental facility cut off from the rest of the main cast. Last season had our weary captain with his family and now - locked away for a murder he did not commit - the talented Orlando Jones feels even more distant. Jones is giving his all every time he's on screen, but his lack of interaction with the main group (Henry Parish aside) is troublesome. Will he always be the odd man out? If his visions come true, perhaps he will end up playing a larger role in future episodes? Only time will tell.

Zach Appleman (Homeland) proved himself to be a worthy addition to "team apocalypse" this week and it's a shame we're probably not going to see more of him. Knowing that Sheriff Corbin had a family outside of Abbie and his work brings a depth to a character that was taken away from us too soon. Thankfully the writers are finding room for Clancy Brown (Shawshank Redemption) to make a guest appearance. He's one of the best character actors in the business and Sleepy Hollow is lucky to have him.

Next week should be another entertaining hour of supernatural goodness, as Katrina has been infected by some kind of dark creature. Will she and Ichabod be able to make amends? Keep watching to find out.

Sleepy Hollow continues with 'Deliverance' next Monday @9pm on Fox. Check out a preview below:

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