'Sleepy Hollow' Starts Collecting Coins

[This is a review of Sleepy Hollow season 2, episode 3. There will be SPOILERS.]


Sleepy Hollow delivers another exciting, albeit formulaic episode this week, entitled 'The Root of All Evil'. There's a mysterious collection of coins missing and Abbie and Ichabod make a new acquaintance.

The beauty of this series comes from its ability to transfix the viewer in a world full of fantasy and adventure, while also delving into an engaging historical discussion with Ichabod as our tenured professor. Sure, these historical accounts are a mixture of truth, legend and complete fabrication, but they are nonetheless a pleasure to listen to each week.

Using Judas Iscariot's thirty-pieces of silver story was a nice touch for a collection of cursed coins that brings out the worse in people. Well, Henry Parish (Horseman of War) would have us believe that they reveal what is already there, but can you really trust him? This search for the lost coin takes Abbie and Ichabod to a man named Nick Hawley, who strikingly resembles a modern day Indiana Jones. The Texas-born Matt Barr (Hatfields & McCoys) did a solid job of blending into this already established cast. Ichabod's jealousy and annoyance of him made for some great comedic moments. What did you think of Hawley's introduction? It appears that he's here to stay.

With tales of Benedict Arnold's manipulation and Judas' coin collection it's easy to forget that 'The Root of All Evil' is mostly about a tale of two sisters making peace (perhaps a temporary one) with their past. There's no denying Jenny and Abbie's traumatic childhood, yet there is still much from their story that we don't know about. Jenny's decision not to shoot the newly appointed Sheriff Reyes was a pivotal moment for the series. As the sisters' trust for each other continues to grow, they become stronger. Beharie and Greenwood continue to deliver compelling performances with each new outing.

Since this was an episode focused on the sisters' relationship, Ichabod was used more for comic relief, which was in no way a bad thing. His rant about how inaccurate the portrayal of Samuel Adams was on the beer bottle was hilarious. Many of you (this reviewer included) are wondering when Ichabod will change his clothes? He did try on a pair of skinny jeans last season, so perhaps he'll get some new digs soon? What would you like to see him wear?

Season two is rolling along nicely with no signs of a "sophomore slump" in sight. Henry's rejection of his parents by burning the bed he was born in made for a dramatic conclusion to the episode. Has he forsaken his parents entirely? Perhaps, but as he comes into contact with Ichabod and Katrina more and more, maybe he could develop a soft spot for them? Also, Captain Irving's run-in with Ichabod at the correctional facility will hopefully steer him clear of Henry's plan. Only time will tell.

How have you been enjoying this second season so far? Do like the early plot-lines, or would you rather the series go in a different direction? Keep watching to see what happens next.

Sleepy Hollow continues with 'Go Where I Send Thee...' next Monday @9pm ET on Fox. Check out a preview below:

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