'Sleepy Hollow' Gives The Headless Horseman a Voice

[This is a review of Sleepy Hollow season 1, episode 8. It contains SPOILERS.]


Sleepy Hollow keeps the intensity high in this week's episode, entitled 'Necromancer.' With the horseman in chains, Ichabod can now interrogate Death with the help of officer Andy Brooks (John Cho) giving voice to the hessian. Jenny Mills and Captain Frank Irving also get their time to shine, as a "secret war" erupts on two fronts.

To get right to it, the big reveal this week has the be the origin story of the horseman. The hessian, or so we thought, happens to be Ichabod's best friend, Abraham (Neil Jackson). Sleepy Hollow continues to prove its fortitude by telling engaging stories set in and around the time of the Revolutionary War. In 'Necromancer,' we meet Abraham, who is engaged to be married to Katrina. As with many classic romances, Katrina is in love with another man. Ichabod's honor dictates that he not betray his friend, but Katrina is a forward thinking revolutionary woman, so "love" should be the only prerequisite for marriage. As one might suspect, this does not bode well for Ichabod and Abraham.

Watching Abraham's transformation from a wealthy nobleman, to the incarnation of death brings with it more questions than answers. Please don't misunderstand - making the horseman's hate of Ichabod personal was a great choice in terms of storytelling, but what of the horseman as an entity? Does this mean that the demon Moloch put the soul, or the essence of the horseman of death in Abraham? Now, methodologically-based lore can vary depending on the source, but the writers of this series would have us believe that the Horseman of Death is the same one who it depicted in the Book of Revelation. Again, one has to speculate as to how Death was created? Wouldn't he/she/it be around before the 18th century? Hopefully there will be more of an explanation is future episodes. Sleepy Hollow has had few missteps, so why start doubting now?

The series' few weaknesses stem from its lack of character development for the supporting cast. Fortunately, for the second week in a row, Captain Frank Irving gets to demonstrate why he's every bit as good as Jason Bourne. Irving and Jenny put on their black-ops gear to take on the Hessian army at the local water and power plant (for Ichabod's sake, no more acronyms). It's been an enjoyable experience to have Irving fully invested in the supernatural elements that threaten the town.

After officer Brooks' reading of the Druidic incantations, the horseman is now free. As with every Sleepy Hollow episode, the mysteries keep building upon each other. It appears that Moloch has his own plans for Ichabod and Katrina, but to what end? There are only four episodes left until the season finale, and with so much story left to uncover, how will it all end? Keep following Abbie and Ichabod on their quest to find out.

Sleepy Hollow continues with 'Sanctuary' next Monday @9pm on Fox. Watch a preview below.

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