'Sleepy Hollow' Reveals the Witch and Her Curse

Sleepy Hollow began with an excellent premiere, by displaying a brilliant balance of comedy, drama, and fantasy. 'Blood Moon' proves that this series is not a one-hit-wonder, as Abbie and Ichabod discover more secrets buried beneath the town.

Last week we learned that Ichabod and Abbie are connected, and could quite possibly be the two witnesses that are spoken of in the Book of Revelation. While Abbie wrestles with the idea of believing in the supernatural, Ichabod is confronted by his beloved wife, Katrina. The dream sequence is beautifully shot as Ichabod is being chased through the forest by the four horsemen of the apocalypse. While watching this show, it's difficult not to compare the story to CW's hit series Supernatural, where Sam and Dean Winchester battle similar opponents (except their horsemen were not headless).

Katrina reveals to Ichabod that the first of many evil spirits is about to rise from the dead. Could this be a sign that Sleepy Hollow will adopt the "monster of the week" formula for the rest of the season? Iconic series like The X-FilesBuffy the Vampire Slayer, and Supernatural have also implemented this form of storytelling, and it can be effective as long as the main plot doesn't get tossed aside until the final episodes. If 'Blood Moon' is any indication, the writers seem to be taking the overall story seriously.

Tom Mison continues to shine as the wayward history professor Ichabod Crane. Just watching him learn to make coffee and turn on the shower could have filled the entire episode. His expression while watching 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' said it all; Mr. Crane is definitely not in the 18th century anymore, but around Abbie he appears calm. Mison and Nicole Beharie's (Abbie) on-screen chemistry is strengthened in 'Blood Moon,' and will be one of the reasons for audiences to continue watching week after week.

The high priestess Serilda (Monique Ganderton) was a formidable figure for Abbie and Ichabod, and learning more about past events from the Revolutionary War was a welcomed addition to this week's episode. Even with the witch terrorizing the town, the character's inhabiting Sleepy Hollow continue to be the show's biggest strength. The return of John Cho (Andy Dunn) and Clancy Brown (Sheriff August Corbin) was needed, due to their brief appearances in the premiere. Corbin will most likely be a kind of Obi-Wan-Kenobi for Abbie as she uncovers the mysteries surrounding the headless horseman. From a creative standpoint, it was a nice touch to have 'Blood Moon' begin with a vision and then end with one as well. Since Ichabod and Abbie are connected, it makes sense for them to both have these visions. How will their dreams/visions play-out as the season progresses? Abbie's appear to grounded in reality, as she sees a kindly father figure in Corbin, while Ichabod's are much more fantastical.

'Blood Moon' ends with Sheriff Corbin instructing Abbie to not be afraid of #49. Abbie's sister is still locked away in a psychiatric facility for seeing strange visions that we as the audience know to be true.  What role will she play in the coming weeks? Only time will tell.


Sleepy Hollow continues with 'For the Triumph of Evil' next Monday @9pm on Fox.

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