'Sleepy Hollow' Writes the Book on Exorcism

[This is a review of Sleepy Hollow season 1, episode 11. There will be SPOILERS.]


Ichabod Crane would make an excellent addition to the Green Lantern Corps, as he fights alongside Jenny and Abbie Mills in this week's episode of Sleepy Hollow, entitled 'The Vessel.' Captain Irving's family takes center-stage with the forces of darkness becoming even more embolden in their efforts to stop the witnesses.

It's no easy task to exorcise a demon, with the creature burrowing deeper into the recesses of one's mind, using intimate knowledge to pervert reality. We learn that Jenny had to deal with this torture several years ago, and now, that same demon had returned to possess Macey Irving. Orlando Jones gives a superb performance while confronting the painful circumstances surrounding his family. Ironically, the demon's possession of Macey may strengthen Irving's connection to his daughter down the road. The priest did warn Frank that those who followed the witnesses would not leave the battle unscathed.

On a lighter note, Ichabod finally tried on some new clothes. Like many of you, this reviewer feels that our eighteenth-century hero needs a new attire, but skinny jeans? Like any superhero pulled from the pages of Marvel or DC Comics, Ichabod wears his uniform well, so perhaps the jeans and button-up shirts can wait. Just for fun, which modern style of dress would you like to see Ichabod adopt?

Another highlight from 'The Vessel,' was watching Abbie and Jenny's relationship deepen. Even though the siblings quarrel constantly, it is only out of love and respect for one another. It was touching to hear Jenny admit the reasons behind why she was always going to jail. Like Disney's holiday hit Frozen, this story is about the love that two sisters share, and not that of a man's. There is nothing wrong with a little on-screen romance, but the writers have been doing a good job of focusing on family. Sure, there could be an awkward sexual tension between Abbie and Crane in the future, but for right now, they seem to have a brother/sister dynamic. Do not forget that Ichabod's wife (Katrina) could be saved from Moloch's clutches in Purgatory.

The mystery of George Washington's Bible will undoubtedly be one of the focal points during next week's 2-hour finale. Questions of who lives and who dies come into play, as our heroes must take on the minions of Moloch and the horseman of death. Moloch, being a "higher-demon" of sorts, will most likely be leftover for next season, but what of the headless horseman? Will both these agents of hell be spared for season 2, or will Abbie, Ichabod, and Jenny find some small victory in all of this?

The first season of Sleepy Hollow has  been of the those unexpected gems for Fox. Its outrageous stories and well cast ensemble should keep this series going for at least a few more season. What are your theories on where the finale will takes us? Stay tuned to see how it end. 

Sleepy Hollow continues with a 2-hour season finale next Monday @8pm on Fox. Watch a preview below.

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