'Sleepy Hollow' Reveals the Fate of Ichabod's Son

[This is a review of Sleepy Hollow season 1, episode 10. There will be SPOILERS.]


Sleepy Hollow continues to roar forward with another stellar episode, entitled 'The Golem.' Unbeknownst to Ichabod, this deadly creature is tied to his son's past, who now has a name.

To help Ichabod discover his son's identity, Henry Parrish (The Sin Eater) returns this week as Christmas draws near in the town of Sleepy Hollow. Ichabod may not understand the importance of stockings and trees to ring in the holiday cheer, but the truth about his son was the present he needed in order for he and Abbie to continue their quest.

According to the town's historical archives, Ichabod's son (Jeremy) was feared by the people of Sleepy Hollow, due to his unique abilities. Like his mother (Katrina), the young warlock had tremendous power. His power was so great, that he transformed his beloved toy into a father-like figure to protect him. Tom Mison once again demonstrates why he's one of the best new actors this season, with another incredible performance. His guilt at not being there for his son's maturation shows clearly over his weary expression. With each new episode, Ichabod looks more and more drained. How long can he keep this journey up before he collapses from exhaustion?

With all of the strange happenings in Sleepy Hollow, it's sometime easy to forget that the battle for Armageddon will be fought on multiple fronts. Captain Frank Irving's characters continues to deepen, as we see him asking for guidance at his old church. The minister informs him of the "two witnesses" fate, and the fate of those that follow them. Irving's reveal of his troubled past was heartwarming, as he begins to realize that this war may cost him his life. Abbie, Ichabod, and Henry may have already lost most of their loved ones, but Irving still has his family close by. It's sad that as he grows closer to his daughter there is the possibility that she might be in danger.

In a series like Sleepy Hollow, there's no such thing as a casual walk in the park. Who was the demon that confronted Irving? What does his daughter have to do with all of this? The demon's question about "how strong is she" was haunting. Like any great battle, there will always be innocent casualties, but what does that mean for Irving and his family?

Back in Sleepy Hollow there are still more questions that need answering. The "Sisterhood of the Radiant Heart" may be dead, but what of Jeremy's demise. The witches said they made a hex that stopped Ichabod's sons heart, but is he truly dead? In a world of demons, purgatory, heaven, and hell, who's to say death is permanent? This week's last reveal will have us pining for answers for over a month until the show returns from its holiday break.

In purgatory, Moloch warns Ichabod that he is coming for Abbie's soul. The interesting twist about this revelation, is the part where Ichabod will be the one to deliver her soul to Moloch. What does Moloch have that would cause Ichabod to commit such a betrayal? Stay vigilant over the holiday break to find out.


Sleepy Hollow continues on Monday Jan. 13, @9pm on Fox.

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