'Sleepy Hollow' Forces Abbie to Face The Sandman

The Headless Horseman continues to remain in the shadows during this week's episode of Sleepy Hollow, as Abbie must learn to confront her darkest fears. A new demon has come to town; one that preys on dreams, specifically those fears from our past that we are ashamed of. If not confronted, the afflicted will eventually commit suicide. 'For the Triumph of Evil' is definitely a character building episode for Abbie, but it doesn't feel like it takes away from the over-all plot.

In network series that last 22 hours, there are bound to be instances where episodes seem unimportant, or forced in order to meet the minimum criteria. This could have easily been one of those instances were it not for the excellent character development of Abbie. After Ichabod and Abbie visit Jenny Mills (Lyndie Greenwood), we learn of a dark secret. The young Lieutenant admits that she lied about witnessing the demon's presence with her sister all those years ago. Her cowardly actions resulted in Jenny being locked up in a mental institution, and more importantly, a broken relationship between sisters.

Ichabod tells Abbie that "Fear is pain," and that it is her fear of past events that is causing her all of this agony. Before Dr. Vega (Mary Craft) fell to her death, she said, "We've all got it coming," referring to the Mohawk dream demon, Rokaronti. The flashbacks to Ichabod's life during the Revolutionary War continue this week, as he tells of his relationship with the Mohawk tribe, and the fairytales they shared with him. In order to battle Rokaronti, one must enter into the dream world to be tested. This part of the episode felt like Christopher Nolan's blockbuster film Inception, only with a supernatural twist.

The dreamscape was wonderfully imagined, and the creature design for Rokaronti was chilling. Also, witnessing the demon bleed sand from its eyes was truly haunting. Abbie needed to admit her sins in order to defeat the monster, and she did so with another solid performance from Nicole Beharie. She and Tom Mison's (Ichabod) chemistry continues to radiate with each passing week. Even though the series is in its infancy, the strength of this week's episode should give comfort to those worried about the series' depth of story. Sleep Hollow remains one of the best new series of the fall, without any signs of slowing down.

'For the Triumph of Evil' leaves us with several questions. Chief among those is where has The Horseman been? In the premiere, Sheriff Corbin (Clancy Brown) said that strange occurrences have been happening in other parts of the country. Has our headless villain been traveling, or lurking somewhere in Sleepy Hollow all along? Hopefully, we'll see him soon, for what is the legend of Sleepy Hollow without its main antagonist?

The other important question is what role will Jenny Mills play in the upcoming episodes? After Ichabod questioned her, it seemed as though she had a fire lit under her eyes, almost as if the new knowledge gave her purpose. Will Abbie discover her sisters' whereabouts after her escape? Keep watching to find out.


Sleepy Hollow continues with 'Obscura' next Monday @9pm on Fox

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