'Sleepy Hollow' Stares Death in the Face

[This is a review for Sleepy Hollow season 1, episode 7. It contains SPOILERS.]


Sleepy Hollow rewrites the history books once again, as we learn how Paul Revere's famous 'Midnight Ride' involved more than merely warning people that "the regulars are coming." As with most history lessons in this series, the headless horseman's presence is keenly felt.

Even with all of the intense drama littered throughout Sleepy Hollow this week, the writers keep producing brilliant comedic moments. Whether it's Ichabod's frustration with the price of bottled water, or his fascination with Abbie's supplies from the supermarket, Tom Mison (Ichabod) continues to prove he can do both drama and comedy superbly. His discovery of Internet-porn was another instance of well-scripted comedy.

The supporting cast was finally given a moment to shine, as Officer Morales and Captain Frank Irving played key roles in 'The Midnight Run.' With Morales, it's still unclear as to exactly what happened with his relationship with Abbie, but from their brief encounter, it appears to have ended badly. Morales is now left with a difficult choice after encountering Andy Brooks (John Cho). Will he side with the horseman to help bring about the apocalypse, or help Abbie and Ichabod as they fight to stop it?

As our heroes attempt to get destroy the hessian's head, Orlando Jones (Captain Irving) gets to show why he's the man in charge. Watching the horseman use an automatic rifle still takes some time getting used to; however, Sleepy Hollow is not known for its subtlety, so it works nicely as Irving realizes that this supernatural element is real. It's been said by some, that this show is "crazy-stupid-fun," and how can one argue with that? At first glance, the show could have turned into a monster of the week spectacle, but it never did. Instead, creators Orci and Kurtzman (Star Trek) have given us something truly unique that holds our attention with each new episode.

The major action set-piece from this week's episode involved Ichabod and Abbie's daring plan to trap the horseman. Apparently, there is no way (at least that they know of) to kill Death, but a large amount of UV-rays can trap him. It was a nice surprise to see John Cho make an appearance, but what's his endgame? He's still involved with Moloch and the horseman, but it seems like he wanted to help Abbie at the same time? Perhaps the forces of darkness need her for some horrific purpose?

With the horseman trapped in a sea of light, Abbie and Ichabod can interrogate him. The question now is how does one speak to a man with no head? According to Abbie, her sister Jenny will be getting out of the mental institution soon. Her presence will be a welcomed addition to the team, as the attack on the Free Mason house has lessened their allies. What will the horseman have to say next week? Continue watching to find out.


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Sleepy Hollow continues with 'Into Darkness' next Monday @9pm on Fox. Watch a preview below.

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