Slasher vs AHS: 10 Things Each Horror Anthology Series Does Better Than The Other

A horror anthology series is perfect for horror buffs who love the genre but like when a show changes things up every season. Instead of following the same storyline for several years, this type of show will wrap things up in the finale and then start all over again the next season. Slasher and American Horror Story are two such shows that have their own strengths and weaknesses.

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Slasher has three seasons so far and AHS has eight, which means that there is definitely a lot to talk about when it comes to comparing these two. Let's take a look at Slasher vs. American Horror Story and the things that each horror anthology series does better than the other.

10 Slasher: Characters That Feel Like Real People

Many of the talented actors on Slasher are Canadian and they play characters who honestly feel like real people. Whether it's Sarah Bennett in the first season, who cares about art and her husband but becomes part of a big mystery, or Violet Lickers' turn as a vlogger in the third season, they don't come across as over-the-top characters who would never exist in the real world.

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AHS is a smart and interesting show; however, sometimes, it's tough to tell if a character is human or if there's something supernatural happening. This is often the point but it's still worth pointing out.

9 AHS: The Same Actors Playing Different Characters

It's true that there are a few familiar faces in the three seasons of Slasher. Erin Karpluk of Being Erica fame appears in the first season as Heather Peterson and as Kaili Greenberg in the third one, and Dean McDermott is in every season.

Nevertheless, when it comes to what AHS does better than Slasher, it would have to be the way that the same actors play different characters. While fans, of course, recognize that Emma Roberts was in AHS: Coven and three other seasons of the show (and counting), she plays such unique characters. She's a witch named Madison in Coven and a reporter in Cult. It's always fun to see who will be playing what character in each new season.

8 Slasher: A Self-Contained Setting Every Season

Sometimes, the best horror movies take place in a small town or an even tinier location such as a house. When audiences imagine being stuck in the same house as a killer and not being able to escape, it's tough to think of something that would be scarier or more unnerving.

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An element Slasher does better than AHS is having a self-contained setting every season. The first season is set in a small town, the second season is set in a country house, and the third season is about an apartment building (with a few other places such as a nearby coffee shop and a school).

7 AHS: A New Theme Each Season That Elevates Horror Elements

One thing that AHS is doing a great job at is having a new theme each season. Fans of the show are always so excited to see what creator Ryan Murphy has got up his creative sleeve. From Murder House (season one) to Freak Show (season four), every time this horror anthology show comes back, there is something new.

The show is essentially going through the elements of the horror genre, from a haunted house to witches to scary clowns, but in a way that feels incredibly fresh. It's also cool that fans always try to guess what the new season is going to be.

6 Slasher: Short Seasons

While AHS doesn't have super long seasons (each one is 10, 11, or 13 episodes long), Slasher has figured out a great formula for keeping fans entertained while wondering if the mystery is going to wrap up. Each season of the show has only eight episodes, which is the right amount for this type of series.

Many TV fans have been saying for a while now that it would be better if TV shows would have briefer seasons instead of meandering along for 22 or 24 episodes. Eight feels like a good amount of episodes since viewers will remain interested while still wanting more and they'll definitely look forward to the next season.

5 AHS: Cliffhangers & Wild Moments

No one could say that watching AHS is a dull experience where nothing ever happens. In fact, so much happens every season, and that's why fans can't stop watching.

When it comes to cliffhangers and wild moments, AHS does these things better than SlasherSlasher has some scenes that make audiences go "whoa" but it's safe to say that the main mystery is wrapped up neatly at the end of each season. On AHS, nothing is as it seems.

4 Slasher: Bold & Gory Murders

Slasher isn't shy about brutal murders and lots of gore. In every episode, someone gets killed in an unexpected way (and many horror fans would say that the murders are unique and not what is typically seen in most horror movies).

This show is definitely not for the squeamish as there is a lot of blood. After all, the show is called Slasher. It lives up to the title, that's for sure.

3 AHS: Genuinely Scary

AHS is a genuinely scary show, and that's something that it does better than Slasher. Whether it's the spooky house of the first season, the mental hospital of the second one, or the hotel of the fifth season, it's impossible not to watch this show without an unnerving feeling that something big is about to occur.

While Slasher is still fairly scary, it really has nothing on AHS, which even manages to freak viewers out during its opening credits.

2 Slasher: A Diverse Cast

All three seasons of Slasher have a diverse cast, which is great and something that more TV shows should do. It's especially true in the horror genre (although that's been changing a lot in recent years) that diversity was not often a consideration during casting.

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Slasher, however, does an excellent job filling its cast of characters with people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals. This provides a necessary perspective on the things happening on the show (which sometimes gets left out). Slasher's cast sets an example for other horror films and TV shows.

1 AHS: Famous Guest Stars

AHS definitely has more famous guest stars than Slasher. It was cool when Lady Gaga was cast in the fifth season as a character named The Countess (also called Elizabeth Johnson). The singer won a Golden Globe.

Stevie Nicks, Adam Levine, Eric Stonestreet, and Naomi Campbell are some of the other stars who have been on the show.

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