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Is Slasher season 4 happening, and if so, when will it release? Created by Aaron Martin, the anthology horror series has been changing its story from season to season ever since it was renewed for season 2. The latest installment, “Solstice,” focuses on a serial killer known as The Druid. The entirety of Slasher season 3 premiered on May 23, 2019.

In Slasher season 3, a serial killer torments the residents of an apartment complex. The crimes are seemingly connected to a death from one year prior, and the murders are especially violent and vicious. As a whole, Slasher season 3 offers a sociopolitical commentary about race, gender, and the Bystander Effect. The series’ premise is based on the phenomena that transpires when an entire community turns a blind eye to a public crime. In this case, social media is used to emphasize how community residents will not only turn on their own during difficult times, but will also make judgmental comments on the internet.

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Slasher season 3 ends with a shocking revelation about moral righteousness and responsibility, and while Slasher season 4's story would undoubtedly be different, the same themes may be hammered in to maintain some sense of continuity. And here’s everything we know about Slasher season 4 so far.

Slasher Season 4 Renewal

Slasher Season 3

Slasher season 4 hasn’t yet been ordered by Netflix yet. In general, the streaming service typically waits three-to-six weeks before ordering new seasons, at least for traditional drama and comedy series. Slasher is unique because it’s a Canadian horror anthology series, one that originated on the former television channel Chiller. Thus far, Netflix has approached production differently than other horror series.

After picking up Slasher, Netflix released Slasher season 2 in October 2017. Ten months passed before Slasher season 3 was ordered, and another nine months passed before the new episodes premiered in May 2019. Based on the show’s production history, it seems unlikely that Netflix will order Slasher season 4 in 2019. But that doesn't mean it's been canceled.

Slasher Season 4 Release Date Info

Slasher Season 3

Given the positive reaction to Slasher season 3, fans can expect Netflix to order a new installment. At this point, it’s unclear how the anthology series works into the platform's scheduling plans. But when Netflix does officially order Slasher season 4, it’s likely that production will take six-to-nine months to film and release. Based on existing data, Slasher season 4 may premiere by late 2020 - perhaps around October just like season 2.

Slasher Season 4 Story Details

Slasher Season 3

Like FX’s American Horror Story, Slasher changes its storyline each season and features a rotating cast of familiar faces. For example, the following performers have appeared in all three seasons of Slasher: Dean McDermott, Jefferson Brown, Jim Watson, Joanne Vannicola, and Paula Brancati. At the moment, Slasher’s creator - the aforementioned Martin - is currently wrapping post-production for the Netflix series Another Life starring Katee Sackhoff, Selma Blair, and Tyler Hoechlin. The basic plot for Slasher season 4 will most likely be revealed when Netflix announces the official renewal, but it will surely involve another serial murderer terrorizing a small group of people.

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