Skyscraper Trailer: The Rock Must Save His Family

Courage has no limits. @TheRock stars in #SkyscraperMovie, in theaters this July. Watch the trailer now.

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Dwayne Johnson's upcoming action film Skyscraper debuts its first action-packed trailer during Super Bowl LII. There is no denying that Johnson has become one of Hollywood's biggest stars. He helped turn around the Fast & Furious franchise, and now has a spinoff on the way. He's also proven he can be the selling point of a film with San Andreas. Now, he's riding high on the smash success Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle received. Since he is one of Hollywood's busiest actors, 2018 will be no different as he has two major releases coming in the first seven months.

Rampage will kick off Johnson's year and the early marketing points to a giant and potentially fun video game adaptation. But, Skyscraper is coming out in the dead heat of the summer season, and there hasn't been too much information about it. The Skyscraper synopsis teased a giant adventure revolving around danger, family, framing, and more. Johnson provided intriguing looks throughout production at the mayhem, but now the trailer is here to show everyone what's in store.

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Legendary debuted the first footage for Skyscraper during Super Bowl LII. With loads of competition from other big blockbusters, Skyscraper won't have the easiest task winning the day. But, the spectacle the trailer provides could be enough to keep people talking, and lay the foundation for some high anticipation. The full trailer is coming later tonight, so stay tuned!

The first trailer focuses heavily on the film's concept, and it plays closely to Die Hard. However, there are plenty of new elements here too and the usual flair Johnson brings. Johnson's latest action hero has a great way to make him different, as he has a prosthetic leg. This characteristic isn't just a gimmick either as the trailer makes a point to show this to viewers many times, and is involved in what should be the film's biggest stunt.

Lifting the image off the page the trailer shows Johnson on top of a crane, clearly after a long night. Whatever happened in the lead up to this event, Johnson appears to be a wanted man with a helicopter trying to catch him. The circumstances call for Johnson to make a daring leap off the crane to try and re-enter the giant building. It is only in this daring attempt that his life is put into even more danger. There's plenty more action in store with the full trailer coming tonight, so stay tuned to Screen Rant for the rest.

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  • Skyscraper (2018) release date: Jul 13, 2018
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