Awesome Skyscraper Posters Channel Die Hard & Towering Inferno

Dwayne Johnson has unveiled some cool retro posters for Skyscraper that pay homage to the movie's primary inspirations – Die Hard and The Towering Inferno. Die Hard was considered a breath of fresh air upon release in the late 1980's for featuring a flawed, relatable hero. Most action movies of the era featured leading men with bodybuilder physiques who could shoot, punch and one-line their way out of trouble, while Die Hard's John McClane had to bleed and struggle his way to victory.

Die Hard also created a sub-genre of action movies taking place in confined locations, including Under Siege and Passenger 57. That type of action movie died out around the late 1990s, though they still pop up now and again, with Olympus Has Fallen being a more recent example. Now Dwayne Johnson is getting in on the action with his next blockbuster Skyscraper, where he plays a disabled war vet who has to save his family from the dual threat of hostage takers and a raging fire inside the world's tallest building in China.

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Movie fans don't have to squint too hard to see the similarities between Skyscraper, Die Hard and 1970s disaster classic The Towering Inferno, which also sees a bunch of characters trapped inside a building being consumed by a raging fire. These connections get pointed out in nearly every article on Skyscraper, so now Dwayne Johnson himself has taken the logical step of making posters for the movie that ape the artwork of both Die Hard and The Towering Inferno on his Twitter account:

While Skyscraper won't win too many points for originality, the movie does appear to be a fun throwback to blockbusters of the past. The movie will also stick to the Die Hard formula in that the hero will be a flawed everyman – well, as 'everyman' as Johnson can possibly appear – who is forced to be heroic for the sake of saving lives.

While Dwayne Johnson had something of a slow start to his action movie career, having to weather early duds like Doom, he's made up for lost time in recent years and is now one of the biggest box-office draws in the world. Skyscraper looks like it will be another winner for the actor, and in typical fashion, he's already got several projects lined up, including Jumanji 3 and Fast & Furious spinoff movie Hobbs & Shaw. He's also rumored to make an appearance as Black Adam in Suicide Squad 2.

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