Skyscraper Trailer #2: Dwayne Johnson vs. The World's Tallest Building

Dwayne Johnson takes on the tallest building in the world in the new trailer for his action/thriller Skyscraper. The Rock works around the clock nowadays and has already starred in one over the top action movie this year, in the form of Rampage. At the same time, Skyscraper is the first live-action film the actor has made in two years that wasn't a reboot, sequel, or based on an established IP. The last time that happened was on Central Intelligence, Johnson's 2016 buddy action/comedy with Kevin Hart.

Fittingly enough, Skyscraper was written and directed by Central Intelligence helmsman Rawson Marshall Thurber. The latter is attempting to re-invent himself as a filmmaker here and move away from the broad comedy fare (like Dodgeball and We're the Millers) that he's become known for making. There's still something inherently silly about Skyscraper's premise, but its trailers suggest the film is less tongue in cheek and more dramatic than either Johnson or Thurber's most recent offerings.

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Johnson stars in Skyscraper as Will Ford, a former FBI Hostage Rescue Team leader and war veteran. After an incident in the field leaves him permanently disabled, Ford takes up a quieter career assessing the security of skyscrapers for a living. Trouble comes knocking all the same when Will takes an assignment in China to assess the tallest and (supposedly) safest building in the world, putting himself and his family in grave danger. For more on that, watch the new trailer for Skyscraper in the space above.

The second Skyscraper trailer goes deeper into the film's story than the Super Bowl preview did, revealing how Ford met his wife Sarah (Neve Campbell) and more about the bad guys' motivations here in the process. Based on the latest footage, the movie's titular building is quite the elaborate set piece in and of itself, complete with a floor that is essentially an entire house and yard. Skyscraper cinematographer Robert Elswit knows a thing or two about crafting action sequences that place A-listers at terrifying heights - after his work on the fourth and fifth Mission: Impossible movies - and it certainly shows in the movie's new trailer.

Johnson has name-dropped Die Hard, The Towering Inferno, and The Fugitive as inspirations for Skyscraper many times now, and there are indeed elements of all three genre classics in the film's trailers alone. The concern, of course, is that Skyscraper will simply recycle the tropes established by those movies, rather than bring something fresh to the tried and true conventions of the action genre. Fortunately, at the moment, Skyscraper looks to buck tradition in some progressive ways; be it by allowing Campbell to be more than a helpless wife-in-distress or embracing the fact that Johnson's character is a disabled action hero.

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