New Skyrim Mods Add Game of Thrones Coffee Cup

Skyrim Coffee Cup

New The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim mods allow players to have coffee cups in Game of Thrones fashion while playing the game. Game of Thrones recently brought its eighth and final season to an end, but not without some missteps, including many inconsistencies and errors pointed out by fans. Some believe that season eight was so awful that they felt the need to start an online petition to have the entire season remade, and that petition currently has over 1 million signatures.

Although many Game of Thrones fans complained about unbelievable character arcs and bad storytelling, others pointed out that this season saw other mistakes that offered proof that maybe the production didn't put as much time into this season as previous ones. One example was the case of a coffee cup left on set and clearly visible in one scene, sitting on a table in Winterfell. Eagle-eyed fans quickly pointed out the faux pas, which resulted in a hilarious series of memes, as well as a lot of free advertising for Starbucks. HBO eventually responded by digitally removing the coffee cup, but once seen, it will forever remain that way. Screenshots of the offending coffee cup are readily available.

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One Skyrim player, DarkMaster06, thought it might be funny to request a mod that would put a coffee cup in a scene in the game. Several modders responded, with one called "The Mysterious Coffee Cup" that adds a Starbucks coffee cup to the throne room in Solitude as well as in Dragonsreach Keep. Another mod by Johnrose81 takes the concept a step further and replaces all tankards in the game with a coffee cup.

In the meantime, Game of Thrones fans continue to shake their head over the out of place coffee cup in Winterfell, as well as the plastic water bottle that appeared in the season finale. It's a small thing to complain about considering that many fan-favorite characters met their ends on the series, and the person who ended up on the Iron Throne wasn't exactly the person anyone wanted or expected.

There are bound to be comparisons between Game of Thrones and Skyrim. Both are set in a medieval-like fantasy setting. Both have knights, swords and dragons. The only difference is that Skyrim has mods and a community that can continue to build them, giving it a unique sense of humor and helping the game remain popular seven years after its initial release.

Source: Nexus Mods

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