Skyrim: 25 Best Items Every Player Needs (And Where To Find Them)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has become one of the most successful, sustainable games in video game history. The sprawling epic came out in 2012 and is still updated for new consoles and readily played to this day. The beautiful landscapes, endless adventure, extensive options, and even its silly bugs are now beloved gaming staples. People still make jokes about the durability of Skyrim horses and Lydia's lackluster delivery. Speaking of Lydia, carrying everyone's burdens, some of the most fun, diverse parts of the game are the sheer volume of items. Whether a player decides to play as a battle mage, two-handed tank, silent assassin, or even a thieving mage, there are different and unique items that can help them do that. While crafting and enchanting often helps players create their perfect gear, it's neat that the endless optional items make it possible to just use loot and still do pretty well as a hero.

Though it's hard to narrow down the best items, since playing style widely changes what a character really needs, there are items that every Dragonborn should keep around. Some because of their undoubted usefulness in any situation, and others because they are too good for one class not to keep them around. After all, what if the Dragonborn wants to change things up? Not everyone wants to be a sniping archer every day.

Here are the 25 Best Items Every Player Needs (And Where To Find Them).

25 Daedric Armor (Heavy)

Whether a player is a mage, a rogue, or a melee fighter, sometimes a heavy set of protective armor is necessary. When it comes to durability and customization, nothing does that job better than crafted Daedric Armor; particularly, heavy armor. Just level up the smithing tree, put some good enchantments on the gear, and it's ready to go.

Having this item in the inventory just lets a player remain extra prepared for even the most heavy-damage situation. Sometimes, Skyrim is an unpredictable landscape and every Dragonborn should have their perfect, personalized Daedric Armor to protect them, “just in case.”

24 Mace of Molag Bal

This is one item that a player can get very early on. If the Dragonborn heads quickly over to Markarth, they can enter an empty house and come in contact with the Daedric Prince, Molag Bal. He's the prince of domination and enslavement, so a real lovely guy.

After accomplishing some slightly sinister tasks for him, the player will be rewarded with his artifact: the Mace of Molag Bal. Not only does this item do decent base damage (16), but it also has the effect of dealing 25 damage to an opponent's stamina and Magicka. What makes this better is that if a foe is defeated in 3 seconds, their soul fills a soul gem.

23 Gauldur Amulet

The Gauldur Amulet is an item earned through a long and winding quest: “Forbidden Legend.” It involves beating three different dungeons (Saarthal, Folgunthur, and Geirmund's Hall), heading to another separate location (Reachwater Rock), and ending it by beating all three Gauldur brothers at once. However, the trudging is definitely worth it.

While most unique amulets aren't very useful in comparison to crafting, the Gauldur Amulet is the best unique, non-crafting option. This magical necklace increases a user's health, stamina, and Magicka by 30; making all players stronger and more well-rounded. Having this in inventory means even the laziest crafter could have an amulet that greatly improves their stats.

22 Dragonbane

With this item, let's start by saying Dragonbane is hardly the best weapon out there. It's good, but there are much better options. However, it's still something every Skyrim player should always have in their inventory, after all, in a world full of dragons, its effects are far too useful.

Dragonbane is found in the Blades hideout during Alduin's Wall, alongside a full set of Blades armor, and it inflicts 20-40 points of extra damage to dragons. Although an average blade, it's extremely helpful when battling scaly beasts, and in Skyrim, that's very necessary to have on hand.

21 The Potion Of Ultimate Well-Being

Apparel and weapons aren't the only useful inventory items. There is a lot of merit to consumables, especially ones that get a player out of tough situations. While a potion collection varies from person to person's needs, there is one potion all players need: the Potion of Ultimate Well-being.

This potion is available with the Dragonborn DLC. When the player goes to Raven Rock, they can get a mission from the alchemist that rewards this potion. Afterwards, it is sold by local merchant, Elynea Mothren. Stronger than the average stats potion, the Potion of Ultimate Well-Being restores 100 points of health, stamina, and Magicka. In a hard fight, it can heal the Dragonborn right up.

20 Guild Master's Armor (Full Set)

For any sneaky rogues, joining the Thieves Guild is a must, no matter if the character is an assassin or an archer. The stamina, stealth, and other rogue-like boosts are just too useful. Moreover, one of the most helpful boost items is the Guild Master's Armor. The Dragonborn obtains this armor by completing all Thieves Guild missions and becoming the Guild Master themselves. Once given the title, talk to Tonilia and the armor will be yours.

The full set gives a player 50 points more carrying capacity, 35% increased pickpocket success,  35% easier lockpicking, and 20% merchant prices. In the art of thievery, there are few sets that could match it.

19 Pickaxe/ Woodcutter's Axe

In a fight, these items are really unpractical. However, for adept smiths, resource collectors, and more, they are absolutely vital. Whenever the Dragonborn can, they definitely need to pick up a Pickaxe and Woodcutter's Axe to keep in their inventory.

Though they don't do much damage, these items can mine ores or chop wood. At first, these resources seem unnecessary, but once the player gets deeper into home building or smithing, they become vital. The entire process is so much easier when a player just mines and chops along their adventures instead of having to deliberately collect resources for hours. Keeping these items close is just efficiency at its best.

18 Amulet of Mara

The Amulet of Mara may seem like just a running marriage joke, but it's more important than that. Having one on hand means that, at any time, the Dragonborn can find a willing mate that can run their house and earn them money. And with all the things that cost money, that's not a bad idea.

When reaching Riften, stopping by the Temple of Mara will initiate a quest. Finish all the missions that the priests give and they'll reward the player with an Amulet of Mara. Then, the player can pick up any spouse they'd like to keep at home and make their adventurous life all the easier.

17 Dragonscale Armor (Light)

For the craftiest Skyrim players, it's very rare that armor sets do exactly what they want, but when that situation arises, it's best to keep some handy-dandy homemade armor in their inventory. While heavy armor favors Daedric, light armor favors dragon scales.

If anyone is interested in crafting their perfect, light armor set, Dragonscale Armor is the way to go. Just buff up enchanting and smithing skills and this kind of armor can be crafted at any forge. Items can be made to fit any Dragonborn's play-style perfectly and all it takes are some materials and some leveling up.

16 Circlet of Waterbreathing

In Skyrim, losing a life is a constant danger, however, it's even more frustrated when that danger comes from dumb, silly water. There are quite a few missions that ask characters to dive down, which can involve chests, hiding, exploration, or the like. Unless the player is an Argonian, though, they can only last so long underwater.

In the Dawnguard DLC, the developer's addressed that annoyance with the Circlet of Waterbreathing. While not a constant wear, it's super useful to keep in the old inventory for water expeditions. This item is found in the Inner Sanctum of the Chantry of Auri-El, during Dawnguard's “Touching The Sky” mission.

15 Mehrunes' Razor

Daedric artifacts are powerful items and the game makes it very well known. One of the most intimidating, though, is when the Dragonborn heads to Dawnstar and runs into a mission bringing the pieces of Mehrunes' Dagger back together. After all, Mehrunes Dagon was the Daedric Prince that plotted and eliminated the previous emperor.

Once the mission is over, and if the player sided with Dagon, Mehrunes' Razor is theirs. This dagger not only has one of the best damage-to-weight ratios in the game, but it has the chance to instantly down an enemy, no matter their health (there are only two exceptions, Karstaag and Miraak). It's a must-have for any assassin.

14 Daedric Warhammer

While two-handed weapons are the slowest, least efficient weapons in the game, that doesn't stop them from being enjoyable. If a player wants to make big, aggressive swings across Skyrim, their best bet is the Daedric Warhammer. Not only is it made out of strong material, but it can be enchanted and crafted to its peak performance.

Any tank Dragonborn should have this in their inventory, and even players just curious about the two-handed lifestyle should keep one around, too. Daedric weapons are just fantastic items. There's not much else to say about it.

13 Deathbrand Armor (Full Set)

Deathbrand Armor is made for the one-handed warrior in all Skyrim players. Even better if that warrior learns berserker and uses two one-handed weapons at once. This set of items is a sort of scavenger hunt, all under the “Deathbrand” quest. The player will be taken all over Solstheim, but the quest will start when the player randomly finds a copy of Deathbrand.

All together, the armor gives the wearer these buffs: stamina, carry capacity, and one-handed damage is increased, and the player can breathe underwater. The armor would work well with Soulrender and Bloodscythe, also from this DLC.

12 Chillrend

Mercer Frey is a pretty bad guy, so when the Dragonborn has a chance to end him, the game rewards them handsomely. Not only does the player become the leader of the Thieves Guild and a Nightingale, but they also earn the fabulous icy sword, Chillrend.

Chillrend is obtained by following the main Thieves Guild missions and taking down Frey. This sword is fantastic for any player that likes to slow their enemy down, either a little bit or a lot. Chillrend deals 30 points of frost damage per hit and has the chance to immobilize enemies for 2 seconds. It's a weapon that should always be kept nearby.

11 Archmage's Robes

When the Dragonborn completes the College of Winterhold missions, the college names them the Archmage. While it's a little suspect that all these groups pick abject strangers as their leaders, the Archmage Robes are a great tool for any player who is interested in magic. It's one of those magic items that make the art so much easier.

Sustainability as a mage can get hard, but Archmage Robes can solve that. They reduce the Magicka cost of spells by 15%, add 50 Magicka points, and increase a player's Magicka regeneration by 100%. As items go, they change the mage game by quite a bit.

10 Ring of Namira

Namira is a Daedric Prince, but with a subname of “Mistress of Decay,” it's easy to see where this goes. While most Daedric quests asks a lot of a player, Namira asks one, simple thing: consume the casualty.

This mission can be triggered by going to Markarth and talking to Eola in the Hall of the Dead. When down there, Namira's followers will be met and completing the mission will grant the Dragonborn Namira's Ring. This item increases stamina by 50 points and the player can regain 50 health by performing the same action on fallen enemies. This ring could turn defeated foes into free health potions.

9 Auriel's Bow

With the Dawnguard DLC comes one of the best bows in the game. Quite literally a bow of legend, Auriel's Bow was the battle weapon of the elven god, Auri-El. Befitting of a war between werewolves and vampires, this bow does 20 points of fiery, sun damage, and extra damage to zombies. It's also a fairly quick shot. A player gets this bow during the Dawnguard mission, “Touching The Sky.” The mission happens in the Forgotten Vale and is the second to last main mission of the DLC.

8 Ahzidal's Armor (Full Set)

The Dragonborn DLC is stuffed with great items, but one of its best armor sets is Ahzidal's. This armor is a unique, empowered version of Ancient Nord Armor, often found on draugrs. If each armor set is for a specific class or play-style, Ahzidal's is made for a defensive mage. It gives good protection, but it also buffs the stats of magical machinations.

This armor set has the chance to immobilize enemies, add 10 towards enchanting, make wards absorb 50% of incoming Magicka, lets the player walk on water, and increases the range of conjuration and rune spells. If the rings are added into that, they can cast ignite, freeze, and frost explode reanimated bodies.

7 Locket of Saint Jiub

Carrying capacity is a serious annoyance in Skyrim. It's hard not to collect so many items while exploring dungeons, and because of this, it's nearly paramount for the hoarding player to keep the Locket of Saint Jiub handy. This necklace not only adds 50 points of stamina, but increases carrying capacity by 50 points.

The Dragonborn needs to fast travel their loot to the market somehow. While it's a great item to have on hand, the Locket of Saint Jiub can only be found in the Dawnguard DLC. After the “Impatience of a Saint” mission, this is the player's reward. The quest-giver, Jiub, is found in the Soul Cairn.

6 The Invisibility Potion

Sometimes, regardless of all good intentions, situations get out of hand. That's what potions are most useful for. While health potions are the obvious choice, there's another potion perfect for dangerous dilemmas: the invisibility potion.

Invisibility potions are something every Skyrim player should keep in their pocket because, in some cases, being able to quickly sneak in or out of a situation is far better than an all out brawl. For example, a player might wander into a dungeon they don't realize is too powerful, and if they attack somebody, that person can be difficult to defeat. A well-timed invisibility potion can get them out of there without the danger of losing their life.

5 Staff of Magnus

The College of Winterhold is crumbly, but it's still an impressive fortress of magic. When the Dragonborn visits the cliff-born castle, they have the chance to join, and of course, every mage should. The missions with the college lead to some great tasks with greater rewards and one of the most important items is the Staff of Magnus.

While impressive to look at, its stats are more impressive. The staff absorbs 20 Magicka per second from foes. Then, when the Magicka runs out, it starts draining health. This is a vital inventory item for any adept or aspiring mage.

4 Miraak's Robes

The Dragonborn DLC is headed by the threat of Miraak, the first Dragonborn to ever exist. He's a fearsome enemy and it's satisfying to watch him fall, but what's even better about completing this main quest is receiving his wild, weird, fantastic robes.

For a mage who needs more defense or magical sustainability, these robes are exceedingly useful to keep in inventory. They absorb 15% of the Magicka from dragon's breath and spells thrown at the wearer. What's even better, though, is that these robes give the chance to defeat an enemy with tentacles on hit. It makes for a sturdier mage and a fantastic spectacle.

3 Dawnbreaker

Dawnbreaker is the specific artifact of the Daedric Prince, Meridia. Though a fair amount of princes sound sinister, Meridia finds life and light paramount, however, she does dislike anything that hasn't met its demise.

The player can trigger her mission by going to her shrine on top of Mount Kilkreath, which is south of Solitude, and after completing her quest, she will reward you with this fiery weapon. When it comes to getting items early, Dawnbreaker is a great one to seek. There are a lot of dungeons in Skyrim, after all, and it does fire damage and extra damage to the tomb-dwelling draugr.

2 Nightingale Armor (Full Set)

Joining the Thieves Guild gives the Dragonborn a lot of powerful items, but few match up to the wonder of Nightingale Armor. Not only is it a good base armor and gives great rogue bonuses, but it does a little extra, too. This armor is given near the end of the Thieves Guild main quest, when the player becomes a Nightingale themselves.

By itself, the Nightingale armor set increases stamina by 20, increases frost resistance, makes the player walk silently, makes lockpicking easier, increases one-handed damage, and decreases the cost of illusion spells. When it comes to infiltration, this armor set is awesome.

1 Windshear

Without a doubt, one of the strongest weapons in Skyrim is Windshear. That fact is even better when considering it's one of the few great items that come with the base game.

Windshear is a very unique blade. The player finds this scimitar shoved deep into the bow of the emperor's ship in the mission “Hail Sithis!” All a player has to do is complete all the Dark Brotherhood missions to get to this point. While finding it is wild enough, using this blade in different ways allows the Dragonborn to immobilize or even knock down enemies. A disarming weapon like this is great to have handy.


Were there any other necessary inventory items we missed in Skyrim? Let us know in the comments down below!


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