'Skyfall' Trailer Preview: James Bond Down

Daniel Craig as James Bond in the trailer preview for Skyfall

The plot of the 23rd James Bond flick, Skyfall, remains as shrouded in mystery as the film's villain (Javier Bardem) and his exact connection to M (Judi Dench). We were treated to a glimpse of the former in the recent Olympics TV spot, while the "remixed" IMAX trailer (currently showing in IMAX screenings of Dark Knight Rises) reveals a pivotal piece of information concerning the faux pas committed by 007's (Daniel Craig) boss. Otherwise, though, the most important pieces to the puzzle remain hush-hush.

That might change tomorrow, when the full-length domestic trailer for Skyfall is unveiled. In the meantime, we can offer (sigh...) a Skyfall trailer preview.

Skyfall's MacGuffin, it turns out, bears a strong (too strong?) resemblance to that in the first Mission: Impossible, as it encompasses the identities of every single British intelligence agent who's either infiltrated a terrorist organization or working the field (in some capacity). The other noteworthy tidbit in the trailer preview is the train-top fistfight between Bond and an unidentified nemesis, which leaves the former in a bad position - after Agent Eve (Naomie Harris) inadvertently takes him down, sniper-style (... or was she supposed to knock 007 off the train?).

Expect more train-oriented footage in the full Skyfall trailer, as the IMAX promo includes a couple of explosive set pieces involving those massive locomotives (in addition to the underground tube crash glimpsed in the teaser trailer).

Daniel Craig as James Bond in the trailer preview for Skyfall

Skyfall director Sam Mandes appears to have crafted a sophisticated and suave thriller that's in keeping with the traditional qualities of the James Bond franchise (passing over concerns about recycled plot devices). That goes for everything from the prominence of Bond's Aston Martin throughout the marketing - to Roger Deakins' picturesque cinematography - and even 007's high-class wardrobe in the film. So, if nothing else, Skyfall will certainly look good (much like its iconic protagonist).

Check back in tomorrow morning for the release of the full domestic trailer for Skyfall.


Source: MGM

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