'Skyfall' Trailer Description; 'Bond 24' Set for 2014 Release

Sony premiered the teaser trailer for 'Skyfall' at CinemaCon 2012. Read on for a description of the footage from the new James Bond flick, along with the tentative release date for the next installment in the series.

skyfall trailer description james bond daniel craig

Most people must be feeling pretty jealous of the folks currently attending CinemaCon 2012, considering what they've been treated to in days past - including, an impressive Dark Knight Rises sizzle reel ripe with new footage and no less than ten minutes of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, screened in 3D and projected at 48 f.p.s. You can add a teaser trailer for Skyfall to the list of items inspiring envy in those not at the Con.

Sony is reportedly going to premiere the first footage from Skyfall (or, James Bond 23, if you prefer) in theaters when Men in Black III opens over Memorial Day Weekend next month. However, for those too eager to wait and find out more about Daniel Craig's third round wearing the 007 suit, we have an early description of the Skyfall teaser - at least, the one shown at CinemaCon, that is.

Cinema Blend was quick to post an impression of the Skyfall trailer, courtesy of their steadfast contributor Eric Eisenberg. Continue on down and you can read through the footage description segment of his report.

The trailer begins with a shot of Bond (Daniel Craig) from behind looking at the city of London. Then we hear someone in a voice-over say the word “Country” and Bond saying, “England.” It seems he is playing some sort of word association game. We then hear the mystery voice say “Gun” and Bond replies “Shot” as we view a target at the end of a shooting range. We then see that 007 is in an interrogation room where he is being asked the questions and being watched by Ralph Fiennes and some other people through two-way mirrors. The man sitting in front of Bond says “Agent,” and the superspy replies “Provocateur.” As more images flash on the screen the word association game continues: “Murder” “Employment.” The music then drops out as we flash back to the interrogation room and the man running the test says. “Skyfall.” After a pause, Bond says, “Done,” and stands up from the table. Another huge montage begins and we see shots of helicopters, giant fireballs causing a mysterious silhouette, shots of the Shanghai nightlife, Bond standing over a long row of coffins draped with the flag of England, and a subway car crashing through a tunnel wall with incredible force. As the trailer comes to an end we hear Bond say, “Someone is coming to kill us. We’re going to kill them first.”

Those who have been keeping up with the featurettes and images officially-released (and leaked set photos) for Skyfall should immediately recognize the previously-glimpsed "puzzle pieces" included in the trailer. Overall, though, it sounds as though the teaser mostly continues to keep a lid on how all those elements fit together - while also doing a good job of piquing viewer's interest to find out exactly what director Sam Mendes is cooking up.

James Bond in 'Skyfall'

In addition to the Skyfall footage, Sony also took advantage of CinemaCon to announce that the 24th James Bond film is tentatively being planned for a Holiday Season 2014 theatrical release. That two-year gap between 007 adventures seems positively short, following the extended four-year delay between Quantum of Solace and Skyfall due to MGM's bankruptcy problems - but, in reality, that's become a pretty standard time interval between installments in a blockbuster series (excluding young adult adaptations like The Twilight Saga).

Bond 24 marks the first "optional" film in Craig's original Bond deal; meaning, the actor is not contractually obligated to reprise his turn as 007. Considering that Craig has yet to publicly disclose a desire to hang up his secret agent hat in the near future - and those rumors about him being pursed for several more Bond films - it's reasonable to assume he'll return. Then again, if Craig does take a pass, it wouldn't be the first time a "sure thing" in Hollywood failed to pan out (see: Gary Ross departing the Hunger Games franchise, for a recent example).

Skyfall hits theaters (no pun) in the U.S. on November 9th, 2012.


Source: Cinema Blend, IGN

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