New 'Skyfall' Images; Cast Video Interviews

James Bond and his Aston Martin in 'Skyfall'

James Bond is finally back this fall in... Skyfall, the twenty-third Bond film which is being directed by Sam Mendes (American Beauty). Recently a handful of websites (not ours) were invited to the Skyfall set to see star Daniel Craig at work, and now materials from those visits are starting to make their way online.

Today we have a gallery of new Skyfall images to share, along with a new video of Craig, his onscreen foe Javier Bardem and new Bond girl Bérénice Marlohe all (vaguely) discussing the story, production, and high stakes of this new Bond flick.

Check the set visit video, courtesy of

So there you have it: Bond is great, Bond is iconic, the people involved with the film are one big welcoming family, and we still know little to nothing about Skyfall's plot twists, other than the fact that it involves secrets from M's (Judi Dench) past and will expand its scope beyond Bond himself to look at those close to him (if you couldn't tell from the whole 'M's past' plot point).

All in all, not much to see.

Thankfully, these Skyfall images (via Coming Soon) are a bit better, offering us looks at Daniel Craig as Bond, posing for the camera either in iconic or action-packed fashion:

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Skyfall will be in theaters on November 9, 2012.

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