Skyfall: Daniel Craig's Gloves Almost Cost Millions In Post-Production

Skyfall with Daniel Craig

Since 2006 when Daniel Craig took over the role of James Bond, both the legendary spy franchise as well as Craig himself have gone on a serious roller-coaster ride of highs and lows. Craig has now appeared as Bond in four 007 films - and while some of these efforts have been highly regarded, others have come and gone with mixed responses from fans as well as critics.

Beyond the films themselves, Craig’s appointment as James Bond had initially been a source of disdain for many fans who saw the idea of 007 being blonde haired as nothing short of sacrilege. As time passed, Craig became much more tolerated in the role – even loved by many - but his recent remarks about preferring suicide to another go as James Bond didn’t endear him to many.

With Craig’s current status as Bond still uncertain, a new story has emerged courtesy of filmmaker and journalist Charlie Lyne. Apparently, while filming 2012’s Skyfall, Craig purchased a pair of leather gloves that he believed would be something that Bond would wear. After receiving the green light by director Sam Mendes to wear the gloves in a scene, it was later pointed out by an editor that with the gloves on, Bond would not have been able to utilize the fingerprint scanner on his gun. Reshooting the scene because of this error would have cost the production millions of dollars and Mendes found himself in a difficult spot.

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The scene in particular was the one where Bond goes to a Shanghai casino and ends up fighting for his life with some of Silva’s (Javier Bardem) brutes. Knocked into a pit area filled with Komodo dragons, Bond loses his gun only to have his opponent pick it up before being devoured by one of the lizards. Because reshoots had been calculated as so prohibitively expensive, the only affordable option was to CGI hands over top of the gloves that Craig was wearing. Without knowing that this was done, the altered imagery is hardly noticeable. But once the story is taken into consideration and a closer look is had, it’s clear that something strange is indeed going on with the James Bond’s hands.

For some, this sort of slip up will be even more reason to dislike Daniel Craig. It was a bad judgement call on his part to not consider that one of the few gadgets his character was supplied with in Skyfall (a stripped down version of James Bond that the film repeatedly emphasizes) could not possibly function with a pair of leather gloves on. On the other hand, it was Sam Mendes’ film, just as it was he who okayed the last minute wardrobe change.

Daniel Craig Skyfall Gloves

The need to alter the scene due to something as silly as a pair of gloves could have been prevented, but Skyfall’s production was notoriously fraught with problems and criticisms, making it understandable that Mendes would have been under a lot of pressure. With this taken into account, it’s easy to see how the effects of a pair of gloves could escape immediate notice. Ultimately, the added CGI hurt neither the scene nor the film’s performance: Skyfall remains the only Bond film to gross over $1 billion worldwide and is arguably the most widely-acclaimed of Daniel Craig’s efforts as James Bond.

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Source: Charlie Lyne

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