'Skyfall' Clip Introduces the New Q; Coca-Cola Stages Fun James Bond Challenge

The new 007 film Skyfall is poised to be one of the (if not the) biggest films of the fall 2012 season; which is why marketing for the James Bond's next adventure is now in full-swing, in anticipation of its early November release date.

In addition to some final trailers, action-packed clips and image galleries, today we get a new clip from Skyfall which (re-)introduces one of the iconic characters from the franchise: Bond's "quartermaster" (a.k.a. spy-tech guy), "Q." In addition, Coca-Cola launched an awesome Skyfall promo game that challenged unsuspecting citizens to a real-life 007-style action sequence.

As you can see in the clip above, in director Sam Mendes' (American Beauty) version of the Bond mythos, "Q" is not an old-timer tinkerer, but rather a baby-faced young computer whiz, more fitting of the times we live in ('the Zuckerberg era,' as I sometimes refer to it). The scene depicts Bond (Daniel Craig) and Q meeting for the first time, with Bond jabbing at the young agent with his famous dapper wit, and Q parrying with a bit of tough-talk all his own. By the end of the dialogue, both men have established a somewhat loose respect for one another - which should make their relationship and interactions all the more interesting as the film unfolds.

If you don't recognize the face of the new Q, that's Ben Whishaw, a young up-and-coming actor who broke out in roles on UK TV series like Criminal Justice and The Hour. Whishaw will get a proper Hollywood launch this fall in the Wachowskis and Tom Tyker's adaptation of Cloud Atlas - followed swiftly by his turn in Skyfall.

Fun trivia: Whishaw and Daniel Craig have traded quips onscreen before: both actors starred in X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn's breakout crime thriller Layer Cake back in 2004:


Coke Zero's™ James Bond Viral Game Challenge

Viral games can be very hit-or-miss, and are often the latter when it comes to appealing to those beyond the circle of die-hard fans. However, Coca-Cola came up with game promoting the release of Skyfall that's just too awesome not to share.

Commuters in a train station approached a Coke Zero™ vending machine, which proceeded to issue them a challenge to reach a certain train platform within a certain amount of time. Little did the competitors know, the station was filled with opposition in the form of seemingly random people who were actually there to act as obstacles/distractions, meant to prevent the competitor from reaching the goal in the allotted time.

Check out the Coke Zero™ 007 challenge, below:

Fun stuff - but show us the takes where competitors elbowed that not-so-random passerby in the face  - or jumped through the plate of glass those two "workmen" were carrying. Those would be the type of 007 hijinks we'd really enjoying seeing; though what we get in this video isn't without its charm, either.

Skyfall  will be in theaters on November 9, 2012.

Sources: Sony, Yahoo & Coke Zero


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'Skyfall' Clip Introduces the New Q; Coca-Cola Stages Fun James Bond Challenge