'Skyfall' Adele-Themed Trailer & TV Spots: 007 Reporting for Duty

The new Skyfall trailer featuring Adele's theme song

Adele's Skyfall theme song is now as integral to the marketing for the 23rd James Bond film as the recurring footage of Daniel Craig as Agent 007, surveying the London cityscape with cool detachment (or busting a train in half before pausing to casually adjust his cufflink).

The superstar singer-songwriter's hearty vocals serve as audial accompaniment for the latest trailer (and most atmospheric so far) for Skyfall, set to familiar footage of Bond's metaphorical return from the grave - after plunging off a moving train to what should've been a watery death - and subsequent battle with a guileful villain named Raoul Silva (a blonde-haired Javier Bardem).

Much of the same footage reappears in two new television spots for the film, with Judi Dench as 'M' informing Craig "We're under attack, and you know we need you," in a no-nonsense manner the Oscar-winner has perfected after seventeen years of making Bond movies.

The more we see of Skyfall, the more confidant we are that director Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Road to Perdition) truly has found a way to return this franchise to its spectacle-driven and escapist roots - that is, without sacrificing the grounded feel and modern global-political intrigue that defined its last two installments with Craig, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

Check out those new Skyfall TV spots below:



Skyfall concludes the (unofficial) 'Bond Begins' story arc that was introduced with Casino Royale, transitioning Craig from a vulnerable hired gun into a sophisticated government servant with a license to kill - whose conscience associates 'murder' with 'employment', as shown in the Skyfall teaser.

That sets the stage for the introduction of a young 'Q' to supply 007 with the latest in gadgetry (Ben Whishaw), a lovely field agent who may or may not be the new Moneypenny (Naomie Harris), and a new male superior positioned to take up the 'M'antle (Ralph Fiennes).

Skyfall opens in IMAX theaters a day before it hits regular theaters in the U.S. next month on November 9th.


Source: IGN, SonyPicsUK

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