Skull & Bones Lets You Build A Pirate Empire

E3 2018 has given would-be seafarers a much needed look at Ubisoft's Skull & Bones, courtesy of a new trailer for the game. Initially revealed during the company's E3 2017 press conference, the game immediately drew comparisons to the company's well-regarded title Assassin's Creed: Black Flag, with the promise of expansive naval combat with a serious pirate theme.

However, while Rare and Microsoft's (slightly more light-hearted) pirate game Sea of Thieves made it into the hands of gamers earlier this year, things were not moving as quickly for Skull & Bones. Although the title was originally pinned down for a 2018 release, Ubisoft was forced to push the game back to the fiscal year of 2019, meaning that it could potentially be seeing a release date any time up until the end of March 2020.

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As such, those interested in the game were desperate to get an update on the title at E3 2018, and luckily Ubisoft was able to give much more information on the game this time around thanks to a new trailer and gameplay video. Indeed, the publisher was able to paint a much better picture of what Skull & Bones will be like to play. The cinematic trailer can be viewed above, while the gameplay walkthrough is just below.

Indeed, the gameplay section definitely had plenty of action abound. First, the player gets involved in trying to get a quick score off a convoy, all the while avoiding a formidable sea fort by disguising as a Portuguese merchant. Using an island as a surprise attack point, the boarding proves successful, only for the pirate crew to be set upon by a Portuguese frigate alerted by the attack.

The cinematic, meanwhile, gives much more of a context for the story behind Skull & Bones. Piracy on the traditional routes was all but dead, leading would-be pirate kings to the Indian Ocean instead. The ocean proved to be ripe for the taking for these pirate captains, building empires of their own. Of course, with pirates there is always going to be conflict, and it seems as though there is always going to be a bigger challenge ahead.

Fans of Black Flag will have been relieved to see Skull & Bones play such a prominent role in the presentation this time around. The game had bags of potential when it was first announced, and it's clear that there's still every chance that the game could be an excellent title upon release. With the game still due to launch in 2019, here's hoping it lives up to the hype.


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Source: Ubisoft

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