Dave Franco In Talks To Join Michael Bay's Netflix Film Six Underground

Dave Franco is going back to Netflix for Michael Bay's Six Underground. The streaming giant's effort to pump out even more original programing is in motion. Some of their more noteworthy projects include teaming up with Martin Scorsese, Matt Reeves, and Dee Rees (to name a few), but they've also picked up an original action film written by Deadpool writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese. The project immediately attracted Transformers director Michael Bay and has been moving forward quickly.

The film follows a group of six billionaires who fake their own deaths to combat evil. These details where revealed when Ryan Reynolds joined the project, but who else would make up his team had yet to be revealed. While the entire roster isn't available, a Franco appears to be the next to join.

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Collider reports Dave Franco is in talks to join Six Underground at Netflix. The deal is not yet complete, so Franco isn't officially set to be one of the billionaires. If the deal does close, Collider reports he'll play a character known as Six. They also report Reynolds plays "One," so Franco may be the last one to join the team - which is said to be made up of four men and two women.

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Should this deal go through, it will mark the latest collaboration between Netflix and Franco. He stars in a recently released Netflix original film 6 Balloons, but also in one of Netflix's original series' Easy. Franco will next be seen in Barry Jenkins' Moonlight followup If Beale Streets Could Talk, which is expected to hit theaters late this year. Despite his recent dramatic turns, he's got big budget/franchise experience with Now You See MeNeighbors, and Jump Street.

Franco's pairing with Reynolds in Six Underground immediately brings his comedic chops to mind, but this could also help show another aspect of him. Franco hasn't done many action-heavy roles, but the premise of this project could allow him to demonstrate his abilities in such a capacity. That is, if his role is for the duration of the film. It isn't uncommon for ensemble action movies to lose a member or two along the way, and since he's the sixth member, he could be the first to go.

Six Underground is expected to film later this year as Netflix is eyeing a 2019 release for the project. It is one of their biggest movies ever with a budget around $125 million. Some of that money was necessary to get Bay and Reynolds, but it also leaves plenty of room for other stars to join the mix. With two male and two female roles yet to be filled, it shouldn't be long before the rest of the cast is announced. Regardless of who comes next, Reynolds and Franco are a solid start for Six Underground.

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Source: Collider

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