Six Season 2 Episode 1 Explained Walton Goggins' Exit

Six season 2 episode 1 "Critical" picked up from the shocking cliffhanger of the first series and revealed the fate of Walton Goggins' Rip. The History network debuted their first original series Vikings in 2013, which quickly became a success due to a great cast and an unflinching approach to the material. The network followed up with other scripted programs, including Knightfall starring Mark Hamill and the acclaimed Hatfields & McCoy's miniseries starring Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton.

Six was another of their scripted dramas and follows the men of SEAL Team Six, focusing on both their missions and personal lives. The first season found the team trying to rescue their former troop leader Rip Taggart, played by Walton Goggins (The Hateful Eight) after he's kidnapped by a terrorist group. Joe Manganiello (Rampage) was originally cast as Rip and filmed around two episodes of the show, but having to drop out for health reasons; Goggins swiftly replaced the star.

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Rip came close to death several times throughout the first season of Six and was revealed to be a character with a lot of demons. He was removed from SEAL Team Six for making a number of questionable decisions, and in the season 1 finale, he's shot in the chest by a terrorist recruit. Rip's fate was kept ambiguous until Six season 2 episode 1 "Critical," which revealed he died of his wounds.


Goggins later confirmed it wasn't necessarily a given that Rip would die, but the way the story evolved during Six season 1 made it inevitable he wouldn't make it. Given Goggin's commitment to other projects during this period - including Vice Principals season 2 and the Tomb Raider reboot - it probably shouldn't have been a surprise Rip wasn't going to be a major part of Six season 2. Still, it was a tragic ending for the character, and in addition to the effect it has on the team it also established nobody on the show was safe.

Six season 2 episode 1 also introduced Olivia Munn (The Predator) as CIA agent Gina Cline. She enlists SEAL Team Six to help her track down a terrorist mastermind she has a personal grudge against, and the tension between Cline and the team make up a big part of season 2. It ended on another cliffhanger but sadly, despite Six debuting to strong ratings, interest gradually dipped during season 2, leading to History canceling the series. Six was a solid action drama while it lasted, however, and is worth checking out for fans of the genre.

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