Where Are They Now: The Six Feet Under Cast

It’s hard to imagine a show whose premise is about a family who run a funeral home, but Six Feet Under proved to be a resounding success whose cast has gone on to achieve major success in the industry. The show won multiple Emmy, Golden Globes, and Screen Actor Guild Awards from 2001 to 2005, and is one of HBO’s most rewatched series.

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Its cast proved they were capable of making a rather humdrum premise work, and were critically acclaimed during their time on the show. Almost all of them are well-known names now, but let’s see how they’ve been doing since Six Feet Under closed its doors.

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10 Peter Krause

The top-billed actor on the show has been keeping very busy in the last fourteen years. The actor has added four series regular credits to his filmography, with roles in Dirty Sexy Money, Parenthood, The Catch, and 9-1-1.

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Krause has never had to struggle for work, seeing as Six Feet Under garnered him multiple Primetime Emmy, Golden Globes, and Screen Actor Guild Nominations. He’s a father to an 18-year-old young man with former partner Christine King, and has been in a long-term commitment with Lauren Graham – who happened to play his sister on Parenthood.

9 Patricia Clarkson

Patricia was never a series regular, and had all of seven episodes to show for her time. However, she ended up walking out with two Primetime Emmy Awards for Best Guest Actress. This made her a worthy ambassador for Six Feet Under, as her wins brought more eyes to the show.

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We don’t really need to spell out what she’s been up to, as Patricia is an A-list star and is seen onscreen on a regular basis. Her recent credits on TV include House of Cards and Sharp Objects she went home with the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress for this one. If you’re wondering about her personal life, then you’ll be interested to know Patricia has stated she’s never wanted to marry, nor have children.

8 Lauren Ambrose

Lauren just has that ever-young face that makes it seem like she’s ageless, and she’s been doing well for herself as of late. Her film career, though, didn’t pan out, and her last appearance on the big screen was in 2012’s Wanderlust.

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On television, she’s had a turbulent time, with one starring role in Torchwood in 2011, along with stints that didn’t last too long. 2018 proved to be a game changer, however, as Lauren starred on stage in the successful My Fair Lady, a part that garnered her a Tony Award nomination for Best Actress in a Musical. She’s set to be the star in the upcoming Servant web television series, and is a happy wife and mother of two.

7 Richard Jenkins

Richard Jenkins Six Feet Under

Like Patricia, Richard has been swimming in acting credits in the last decade and a half. He’s been nominated twice at the Oscars, with one being for Best Leading Man and the other in a supporting capacity.

Life has been stable for Richard, having been married to his wife for all of fifty years by now. On television, he won the Primetime Emmy Award for Best Leading Actor in a Miniseries for Olive Kitteridge, along with a low-key role in the German-based series Berlin Station from 2016 to 2019. His Oscar nominated role in The Shape of Water was as recent as 2017, which means we’ll be seeing a lot more of this now 72-year-old actor.

6 Frances Conroy

It’s pretty clear by now that most actors on Six Feet Under tasted award success, and Frances Conroy furthers proof of this. The actress won the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards for Best Actress on the show, and has since continued to be a presence on film and TV.

Uniquely, she’s stayed true to both the young audience and the mature one, as she’s been frequently seen in voicing capacities on Scooby-Doo and Tom and Jerry, while also featuring in adult-oriented material in American Horror Story, The Tale, and the upcoming Joker; Millennials will most definitely remember her most for playing Barney Stinson’s mother on How I Met Your Mother. Frances has been happily married to her husband since 1992.

5 Freddy Rodriguez

Playing a bipolar disorder experiencing character in Six Feet Under helped Freddy gain exposure in his young career, and he received a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor. He’s popped up on a couple other more well-know shows like Ugly Betty and The Night Shift, but is a voice acting star in his own right.

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Freddy’s been a mainstay for DC animated features, and still voices roles in Teen Titans Go!, along with a stint on Ultimate Spider-Man as Spider-Man 2099. He’s a committed man through and through, as Freddy’s been with his wife since 1995, despite having been only 20-years-old when he got married.

4 Jeremy Sisto

Jeremy’s shown up in so many movies and TV shows since Six Feet Under it’s almost impossible to keep track of everywhere he’s been to. The only thing stable for him in the last decade has been his marriage to Addie Lane since 2009, with whom he has two children.

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On the professional front, Jeremy has had two long-standing jobs in Law & Order, where he remained with the show until its series finale, and his three-year run on Subargatory. His TV crimefighting days are still very much alive, as Jeremy is now starring in CBS’ FBI.

3 James Cromwell

James Cromwell in American Horror Story

Yet another acing heavyweight whom we’re listing due to his critically acclaimed performance on the show receiving a nomination at the Emmy’s for Best Guest Actor. James Cromwell has been around forever in Hollywood years, and he’s guaranteed to bow out as a legend.

He’s turned to gold every franchise he’s been a part of, with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom the most recent addition to this club. American Horror Story finally gave James a major win for Best Supporting Actor at the Emmy’s in 2013, and he followed it up with happiness in his personal life by getting married to his third wife in 2014.

2 Justina Machado

Justina’s television credits seem endless when you look at them since 2005, but these were all minor appearances save for a couple shows that didn’t last long. It wasn’t until she starred in a recurring capacity in Jane the Virgin did she meet with regular work, and she followed it up with the acclaimed One Day at a Time, a role that brought her stardom in her own right.

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She’s been very low-key about her personal life, so there’s not much to report there, but One Day at a Time has made her a recognizable face for the Latin-American community and the LGBT community as well due to the show’s inclusive format.

1 Michael C. Hall

Undoubtedly, the biggest star to emerge from Six Feet Under has been Michael C. Hall. The actor saw major success from Dexter in 2006, in a role that spanned seven years and garnered him a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.

Michael’s also been gone through quite the bumpy ride in the last fourteen years, as he divorced his first and second wives, before settling down with his current wife in  2016; he’s battled and beaten cancer (which his father had lost his life to previously), and appeared in numerous films with carrying degrees of success. What’s for certain, though, is that Michael is the most recognizable face from the Six Feet Under cast today.

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