Warner Bros' Six Billion Dollar Man Release Date Removed From Schedule

Mark Wahlberg's efforts to bring The Six Billion Dollar Man to the screen have hit another snag, as Warner Bros. has pulled the movie's release date off the 2020 calendar. In May, it was reported that director Damian Szifron had pulled out of the project, leaving the movie without a helmer.

The Six Billion Dollar Man, a remake of the classic 1970s TV show starring Lee Majors as an astronaut-turned-cyborg, was first announced way back in 2015 with Wahlberg in the lead role and was originally set for a 2017 release. After missing that release date by a wide margin, the movie was announced to finally go before cameras beginning in summer 2018. But that didn't happen either and now the movie's future is very much up in the air.

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With Warner Bros. shifting around its future schedule, the studio has decided to yank The Six Billion Dollar Man from its originally announced May 31, 2020 release date, as reported by THR. The move comes in conjunction with the announcement that Wonder Woman 1984, the sequel to 2017's blockbuster Wonder Woman, has been moved from its previously announced release date of Nov. 1, 2019 to June 5, 2020. The original Wonder Woman, of course, also came out in that same early June window in 2017 and went on to gross $821 million worldwide.

Lee Majors as The Six Million Dollar Man

With the removal of The Six Billion Dollar Man from the schedule, Warner Bros.' rundown of tentpole releases in summer 2020 now includes - very tentatively - the long-promised Cyborg standalone film, the recently-acquired former Sony project Barbie now starring Margot Robbie, the MonsterVerse showdown film Godzilla vs. Kong, the aforementioned Wonder Woman 1984, Green Lantern Corps and the Lin-Manuel Miranda musical In the Heights. Of course, Wonder Woman 1984 and Godzilla vs. Kong are the only two of the above-listed titles that are well underway. If their plans come to fruition, the 2020 summer season will be very DCEU heavy for WB. But the chances of both Cyborg and Green Lantern Corps arriving in summer 2020 do seem highly unrealistic at the present time.

As for Wahlberg's Six Billion Dollar Man, it appears the long-gestating project is once again on-hold. It remains to be seen if the current snag will prove to be a fatal one, or if Wahlberg and company can get things going again with a new director. Wahlberg did not exactly wow audiences with his last action vehicle Mile 22, which was brutalized by critics and limped to only $36 million domestically. It's possible that WB has lost confidence in Wahlberg's Matt Damon/Tom Cruise-like action-star potential after Mile 22 failed to find an audience.

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Source: THR

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