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If you're a regular visitor you've noticed that I've been fiddling with the look and layout of the site. The problem is that although I am a geek, I'm nowhere near to being a web designer. :-)

So in addition to posting more frequently than I did last year I'm trying to make the site easier to navigate and a bit more interesting looking. I've seen the three-column look on some popular websites and I really like it so I've attempted it here. Since most people view my site at 1024x768 or higher (geek-talk alert!) I think it works ok and keeps more items "above the fold."

I am still playing with the design and moving things around. If you have any suggestions you can either comment here or drop me an email at the Contact link in the upper right corner. Yes, I know the color scheme could be better, but I'm red/green color blind and therefore not the best person to be selecting colors. :-) My goal has been to stick with the black/white/gold motif... it must go back to the days when I wanted a black Firebird Trans-Am with gold pinstriping and a "screaming chicken" on the hood. :-)

And since I'm on the subject of personal wierdness, I am STILL planning on adding an "About" page someday!

I know the logo in the upper left needs work as well. It's totally homemade and doesn't look very slick. I was trying to think of something to put to the right of it at the top of the page and I thought random movie quotes might be fun. :-)

In addition I've moved my newsfeed over to to simplify things for those of you who use newsreaders. If you don't use a newsreader I highly recommend that you try one. It's a great way to stay up to date on your favorite sites. You can add sites to your MyYahoo page, or use Bloglines or Google Reader to view site updates at a glance.

I've also improved the Email Subscription option by moving that over to Feedburner as well. Now it will send a daily summary instead of a new email with every post. If you're a subscriber to the older version, be aware that I will be disabling it at the end of the week.

There are links directly below this post for both the Email Subscription option as well as adding Screen Rant to your newsreader.

Finally, if you like a particular post, don't forget to use one of the links below to vote for it or submit it to one of the Web 2.0 sites like, or


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