10 Sitcom Funko Pops That Every TV Fan Should Own

Funko Pops are so popular these days for collectors, with figures from TV series, movies, video games, and more.

Each vinyl figure stands anywhere from 3” to 5” tall, though most are about 3.75” tall. They come in a plastic box that serves as a protector for putting them on display, or you can take them out and display as is on a shelf, mantle, or wherever else you desire.

Crafted in Japanese anima/manga super-deformed style, each crossover vinyl series hails from franchises like Disney, Pixar, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Star Wars, Simpsons, South Park, Uglydoll, and more.

But there are tons of Funko Pops from TV series that you might not even realize existed. If you’re a TV fan, or looking to expand your collection with representations of some of the most iconic sitcoms as well as comedy movies, here are some great ones any television fan should own.

10 Lucy Ricardo (I Love Lucy) Funko Pop


If you’re a TV fan, it would make sense to have a Funko Pop from one of the most popular television characters of all time – Lucy Ricardo – from one of the most iconic series ever, I Love Lucy.

Complete with her signature red hair in its perfectly-coiffed style, blue polka-dotted frock and apron, and her hand outstretched as to say she doesn’t know why Ricky thinks she has some “’splaining to do,” it’s absolutely adorable.

It comes bundled with a plastic box protector for those who don’t want to keep it in the standard box (which is also great as a collectible), but still want to keep her in pristine condition.

9 ‘80s Hair Rachel Green (Friends) Funko Pop


Even better than a Funko Pop with the signature Rachel Green bob from Friends (you know, the one that started a massive trend in the ‘90s as women everywhere asked hairdressers for “the Rachel”) is an even further throwback version of the character with her signature ‘80s hair.

Seen in flashbacks, Rachel rocked a seriously fun combover-like look when she was in high school. And the hairstyle has been re-created for this super cute Funko Pop.

While she’s dressed more for the ‘90s, with a coffee cup in her hand (from Central Perk, of course), the hair is 100% ‘80s Rachel. It, too, comes with a plastic box protector as an alternative for putting her on display in the labeled box, or on her own.

8 The Jeffersons Funko Pops


This set of two Funko Pops includes both George and Weezie, sparking nostalgia as you recall watching this iconic series.

George, with his distinct mustache and receding hairline, is sporting a signature pose with his hands over the lapels of his jacket. Weezie, meanwhile, is also true-to-character with her hands on her hips, one foot outstretched and perfectly styled hair and earrings. Of course, George is donning a brown suit and Weezie comfortable blue loungewear.

They come individually packaged so you can keep both in their boxes or take them out and put them on display, side-by-side.

7 Stewie Griffin (Family Guy) Funko Pop


No collection of sitcom Funko Pops would be complete without a little miniature version of Stewie Griffin from the animated sitcom Family Guy, complete with his teddy bear friend.

As he’s often seen, this vinyl figure version of the always-baby who can speak like a grown man has his eyes squinting as though he’s thinking up an elaborately evil plan as we speak.

You can get the other members of the family as well, including parents Peter and Lois, siblings Meg and Chris, and the anthropomorphic dog Brian, to complete the collection. Given the adult nature of the series, however, this one is appropriate only for those aged 17 and older.

6 Peggy Bundy (Married…With Children) Funko Pop


One of the most memorable sitcoms of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, Peggy Bundy was the wife who didn’t do much cooking or cleaning (if any), gossiped with neighbors, sat on the couch eating bonbons, and constantly bugged her husband Al to “rub her tushie.” But let’s face it: she was the best.

Her signature look of three-inch heels, black tights, a cinched belt, and leopard print bodysuit is perfectly replicated in this tiny figure, as is her iconic red hair in its poofed up style. Just looking at the figure makes you instantly think of her shrieking for her husband “Al-lllll.” It comes with a plastic box protector as well.

5 Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation) Funko Pop


Hands on her hips, grey skirt and blazer, and red top and pumps. Complete with the signature blonde hair and book displaying Pawnee on its cover in her hand, the fictional town in which the character served as a mid-level bureaucrat, and it’s Leslie to a tee.

Don’t forget to get Pops of the entire cast of characters to complete the set if you’re a true fan of this political satire sitcom, including Andy Dwyer, April Ludgate, and even the miniature horse Lil Sebastian.

4 Modern Family Funko Pop Collectors Set


Why settle for choosing just one character from the hilarious mockumentary family sitcom Modern Family when you can get several of them bundled together? This set includes tiny versions of Mitch, Cam, Claire, and Phil.

Mitch, the uptight, red-headed, bearded lawyer is donning a vest, slacks, and a tie with an angry face and arms crossed in disapproval. Cam has his signature upturned shirt cuffs, and leg and arm outstretched as though he’s animatedly saying something. Claire hilariously has a bottle of wine and glass in hand, as she often does on the series, while Phil has a dopey look on his face as he reads a book of “Phils-osophy.”

Each figure comes individually packed so you can keep them in the boxes or take them out and have fun making them interact.

3 Dorothy Zbornak (Golden Girls) Funko Pop


Ideally, if you’re going to get Funko Pops from Golden Girls, one of the most iconic sitcoms in television history, you should grab all four main characters, including Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia.

But if you’re looking for just one Pop to represent the series and add to your collection, Dorothy is the perfect one to choose. Angry-faced with her bright white hair, skirted outfit, and comfortable kitten heels, it’s totally Dorothy personified.

This one is also noted as suitable for those aged 17 and older, likely due to the nature of the series that included adult-themed references.

2 Mr. Burns (The Simpsons) Funko Pop


Sure, you could get the entire Simpsons family from the series to show your fandom of this animated sitcom, but what would look so much cooler in your collection (or at least in addition to an existing one) would be an adorable version of the greedy, money-hungry and evil Mr. Burns.

Naturally, his hands are tented in front of his torso as he no doubt quietly says “yessss” under his breath while plotting his next selfish deed. Complete with tufts of grey hair on either side of his bald head, and signature bluish/grey suit, this Pop also comes with a bundled plastic box protector for serious collectors.

1 The Brady Bunch Bundle of 6 Funko Pops


Go back to the classics with this Funko Pop bundle that includes five of the six children from the blended family portrayed in this iconic ‘70s sitcom, including Greg, Peter, Bobby, and Cindy. Jan, the sixth child, is missing from the set, but replaced by a figure of the live-in housekeeper Alice.

Keep them in the boxes or take Marcia out and place her in front so you can hilariously declare if someone asks why she’s singled out that it’s, of course, “always Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.”

Each child dons a typical ‘70s outfit, from a striped shirt and slacks to bell-bottomed pants, and is sporting recognizable hairstyles like Greg’s defined curls and Cindy’s iconic blonde pigtails. Alice, meanwhile, has her well-known hairstyle and outfit of a blue frock with a white apron and white sneakers.

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