Which Hilarious Sitcom Dad Are You, Based On Your MBTI

The world of TV is filled with countless tropes - some delightful, some tiresome, and some just completely overused throughout the years. Sitcoms are a genre of TV shows that usually fall victim to way more tropes and cliches than any other type of series.

Sitcoms are also one of the most popular genres of TV, and since networks like ABC, NBC, and FOX have produced so many of them over the years, a good sitcom - or one that at least isn't riddled with overused, hollow arcs and tropes - is hard to come by.

However, that's not to say that all sitcom tropes are bad. In fact, some common tropes are so beloved that they are viewed through a lens that's perhaps a little blurry with nostalgia. The Sitcom Dad is one of the classic tropes that will probably never die, because let's be honest, who doesn't love a good dad joke? Let's take a look through some of our favorite sitcoms, old and new, and see which beloved, hilarious Dad you would be, based on your MBTI alignment.

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ESFPs are referred to as performers. This is a description that would best fit Ray Barone of Everybody Loves Raymond. The character is best known for his well-meaning but often goofy demeanor. Nearly every episode of the series revolves around some misadventure that Ray inadvertently brings on himself.

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Ray's personality alignment would most likely be ESFP because many people in this group are described as being "charming and engaging." ESFPs are spontaneous and fun-loving, so if this is your alignment, you are Ray Barone.


ESFJs are often referred to as providers and are known for being people who are highly attuned to their own emotions. Phil Dunphy is probably the most emotionally transparent character in Modern Family, and he has always been portrayed as someone who does not hide his feelings.

ESFJs are also known for being very attentive folks, and they are very conscientious about the feelings of others, and the way others perceive them.


ISTPs are composers and are described as being gentle caretakers. Martin Crane may be an innately gruff individual, but that is mostly when interacting with other people - especially his sons. When it comes to his dog, Eddy, Martin is nothing if not attentive.

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If your MBTI alignment is ISTP, you are Martin Crane, a spontaneous character who prefers to just go with the flow.


Red is a character who is most frequently remembered by his gruff demeanor and dry, sarcastic sense of humor. Red is probably the most introverted character on this list, and his personality fits the alignment of INFP, aka The Healer. This sets him apart from quite a few other sitcom dads.

Red is portrayed as being no-nonsense and usually a little too tough on the people in his life. Being a war veteran is a significant part of his story. He has several traits that fit the INFP alignment, such as being an idealist who fights for his core values and beliefs.


Family Matters revolved primarily around Carl Winslow's story for nearly ten years on ABC. Carl was portrayed as being a rather soft-spoken, humble man. During the series, he goes from being a lieutenant at the Chicago Police Department, and then graduates to the position of sergeant, and finally becomes Captain.

Despite being fairly modest most of the time, Carl's personality is also considered larger than life. He exhibits many traits that fit into the description of an ESTJ (aka The Supervisor); he is a hardworking traditionalist, is always eager to take charge, and is almost always rule-abiding and conscientious.


There is probably no better description of Homer Simpson than an "energetic thrill-seeker." This is a phrase commonly used when describing ESTPs, who are also known as the Dynamo. Homer is definitely a thrill-seeker, and this trait is what usually gets him in trouble.

Every episode of The Simpsons usually kicks off with Homer doing something dumb or thoughtless and sparking chaos. True to his MBTI alignment, Homer is "at his best when putting out fires, whether that's literal or metaphorical."


Charles Boyle is probably the most enthusiastic, people-focused character of the entire Nine-Nine gang. He is outspoken, sometimes a little naive, and unafraid to be touchy-feely with his friends and family. The ENFP best suits Charles due to his contagious enthusiasm and warm, passionate personality.

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If your MBTI alignment is ENFP (aka the Champion), you're a true Boyle.


Jim Halpert was first introduced in the pilot episode of The Office, and back then, he was portrayed as being a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky prankster. As the season went on and the series progressed, Jim began - to many fans' dismay - to lose his original, lovable demeanor.

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By the end of The Office, Jim Halpert had become a strategic leader, something that ENTJs are known for. Jim also fits several other traits that are often prevalent in ENTJs (aka the Commander), such as the ability to see and remedy inefficiency, a talent for conceptualizing new ideas, and the fact that he is very articulate and quick-witted.


Modern Family - Mitch Cam and Lily

Mitchell and Cam's relationship has been omnipresent since the beginning of Modern Family. It was a groundbreaking dynamic at the time - if a little too riddled with tired stereotypes. Throughout the series, Mitch has always been portrayed as the calm to Cam's overeager demeanor.

Mitchell's down-to-earth, logical personality best fits the alignment of INTP, aka the Architect. INTPs are known to be fascinated by logical analysis and are often searching for a universal law behind everything they see.


Cam is known for his larger-than-life personality. He is one of the most - if not the very most - entertaining characters on Modern Family. Cam is always portrayed as being a fun-loving, sometimes overdramatic guy who is very compassionate and caring.

Cam's demeanor best fits the ISFJ alignment. ISFJs are often known as protectors, and there's no one Cam is more protective of than his family. Cam is also motivated to provide for others and protect them from peril, which are also key traits of an ISFJ.

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