'Sister Act' Remake in the Works

'Sister Act'

For the past decade or so, 1980s nostalgia has reigned supreme both at the box office and on television. However, it is beginning to look like the 1990s culture is already gearing up for its own resurgence.

Reboots of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Rush Hour are just a couple of projects already on the way that are looking to revitalize franchises with 1990s root. Now it looks like another one is about to receive a similar treatment.

According to THR, Disney is developing a remake of Sister Act, the 1992 comedy that starred Whoopi Goldberg as a murder witness who goes into hiding as a nun. Kirsten "Kiwi" Smith and Karen McCullah - the writers behind Legally Blonde, She's the Man and 10 Things I Hate About You - will provide the script for the new Sister Act. There's currently no word on how closely this project will adhere to the premise of the original film or if Goldberg will be involved in some capacity.

The first film earned an impressive $231 million at the worldwide box office during its theatrical run and spawned a profitable 1993 sequel that notably featured a young Lauryn Hill. More recently, it was adapted into a Tony-winning stage musical that opened on Broadway in 2011, the success of which has likely helped re-ignite interest in the franchise.

'Sister Act'

Considering the broad appeal that Sister Act demonstrated back in the 1990s, there's a lot of room to develop the original premise into something palatable to both fans of the first film and also younger moviegoers simply looking for a laugh and some fun musical numbers (i.e. the same viewers who made Pitch Perfect 2 number 1 during its debut weekend). Moreover, Smith and McCullah have established their ability to craft memorable female-led comedies that are able to deliver character-based stories and appeal to both genders with ease.

At this point, a million things could go wrong in adapting Sister Act for a modern audience, but there's still every reason to think that it could be turned into a fun bit of light entertainment, especially if Goldberg comes onboard as the Mother Superior of the convent in the new film. Bonus points if that character turns out being her original character having gone undercover once more.

Would you be interested in seeing a new Sister Act, with or without Goldberg? Sound off below with your thoughts.

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Source: THR

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