Sister Abigail: WWE Backstory & Real Identity Theories Explained

Bray Wyatt is one of the most unique Superstars currently under contract to WWE. The former WWE Champion has an aura about him that can have fans hanging on his every word, plus an incredible in-ring ability due to him being a third generation wrestler, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. When the WWE Universe was first introduced to Wyatt, he had a loyal band of followers known as The Wyatt Family. Since then, The Eater of Worlds has gradually seen his disciples venture elsewhere, but there's one name that continues to remain loyal to the Wyatt patriarch.

The entire time Wyatt has been wrestling on NXT and the main roster there's one name that continues to pop up, Sister Abigail. Not only is it the name of Wyatt's finishing maneuver, but Sister Abigail seems to be some sort of force that Bray attributes to being the source of his creepy powers. The WWE Universe has never really been led to believe that Abigail is supposed to be a physical being—though there have been theories on who she may be—until this past week on Raw.


In recent months, Wyatt has found himself up against a rather formidable foe in Finn Balor. Whether Balor is a man or a demon, he has been getting the better of Wyatt in every encounter. Then this past week, Wyatt revealed another layer to their ongoing rivalry. The Eater of Worlds announced to Balor and the world that Sister Abigail is alive, and that she's dying to meet Finn's Demon. A visual effect was then used on the screen making the image of Wyatt look eerily like there was some entity within him that wanted out.

As mentioned above, Wyatt has hinted in the past that Sister Abigail is more of a force than a physical manifestation of a person, although that was put into question somewhat when Wyatt feuded with Randy Orton. At one point during their feud, The Viper made his way to the Wyatt compound and claimed to have found the resting place of Abigail. Orton then proceeded to burn down the house where he found the alleged grave. That's some pretty intense stuff, and the first concrete suggestion by WWE that Abigail is or at least was a real person at some point.

Following that, the constant underlying rumor that Sister Abigail would one day show her actual face tapered off. Now, Bray Wyatt's revelation that Abigail is alive refueled rumors that the female behind the former World Champion will show herself on WWE TV sooner rather than later. That has, of course, re-opened up the line of questioning revolving around who exactly it could be. There are many theories doing the rounds right now, but only two that make much sense. Firstly, Wyatt's real-life sister, Mika Rotunda, could adopt the role. Her likeness to Wyatt would certainly help, plus she has declared an interest in following her family's footsteps into the business. Failing that, WWE should really keep Sister Abigail a non-physical being, perhaps having her occupy the bodies of other female Superstars turning them into brainwashed followers of Bray Wyatt.

Most of the front-running theories are ones that involve current Superstars the WWE Universe are already familiar with portraying Abigail, and that could be a dangerous path if WWE chooses to take it. Names like Paige and Nikki Cross continually rise to the forefront which is all well and good, they would both make terrific Sister Abigails, but they are already established characters within WWE. The next steps Bray and WWE take with this story line need to be done with the utmost caution. They have reignited the Sister Abigail intrigue in a terrific way with Wyatt's promo on Raw this week, now don't ruin it with terrible ideas or turning the whole angle into something of a joke.


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