What To Expect From Sintonia Season 2

Brazilian crime drama Sintonia has made its debut on Netflix, but will there be a season 2? Here's everything we know so far.

Sintonia Netflix

Will there be a Sintonia season 2? Created by music video director KondZilla, the Brazilian crime drama premiered in August 2019 on Netflix. Now 30 years old, KondZilla has the largest Brazilian YouTube channel with over 50 million subscribers.

In Sintonia season 1, three São Paulo teenagers pursue their dreams while living in a favela full of drugs, music, and religion. MC JottaPê plays Doni, a local MC who learns about crude business practices and how to please an admiring fan base. Christian Malheiros co-stars as Nando, who becomes involved in criminal activity and uses deception to cover his tracks. Bruna Mascarenhas rounds out the main Sintonia season 1 cast as the optimistic Rita, a young woman who values her friendships with Doni and Nando, along with her religious beliefs. Sintonia season 1 was co-produced by Brazilian actress Alice Braga (I Am Legend).

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Sintonia season 1 ends with Doni signing a recording contract after dedicating a moving live performance to his late father. Meanwhile, Nando takes an oath to join The Organization, affording him more protection on the street while making his lifestyle even more dangerous. After admitting to her sins, Rita is baptized and celebrates with her long-time friends. Here’s what to expect from Sintonia season 2. 

Sintonia Season 2 Renewal


Netflix hasn’t yet ordered Sintonia season 2. In general, the streaming service typically waits three to six weeks before making official renewal announcements after new season premieres. For example, the Brazilian thriller series 3% released in November 2016 and was renewed the following month. The Brazilian political drama O Mecanismo released in March 2018 and was renewed approximately two months later. In March 2019, Netflix debuted the Brazilian period drama Most Beautiful Thing and ordered a second season in May 2019. Based on Netflix’s past moves, a decision about Sintonia season 2 will likely be announced by mid-October 2019. 

Sintonia Season 2 Release Date Info


Given that Sintonia season 1 consists of only six episodes, and that it was filmed exclusively in São Paulo, production for Sintonia season 2 could plausibly be finished by the end of spring 2020 - at least if the new season is ordered later this year. Unless there’s a production delay due to scheduling conflicts, Sintonia season 2 could premiere in late 2020.  

Sintonia Season 2 Story Details

Sintonia season 1 ends on a positive note, despite the inherent chaos of the central favela location. After a privileged upbringing, Doni will be forced to grow up quickly after his father’s sudden death. And while a new recording deal suggests Doni will be rich and famous, he still owes money to a local man named Miro. As for Nando, his underworld activities will seemingly pose a threat to Doni’s career, thus creating personal conflict for the long-time friends. Rita will likely function as the voice of reason, and will undoubtedly struggle with her religious and romantic wants and needs in Sintonia season 2.

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