Rumor Patrol: 'Sinister Six' May Be Cancelled

Rumor is circulating that the 'Amazing Spider-Man' spinoff 'Sinister Six' is in danger of being canceled. We examine the situation.

Will Sinister Six be cancelled?

The last month has brought some troubling updates on the future of the Amazing Spider-Man movie property. Both Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman - two members of the "brain trust" announced by Sony for future Amazing Spider-Man installments and/or spinoffs - recently admitted that they're uncertain about the current game plan, especially when it concerns Amazing Spider-Man 3. In the meantime, we've speculated that Sinister Six will be the next Spider-Man film to hit theaters - and that could still prove to be true. The rumor mill, however, is suggesting otherwise.

Orci is currently putting together a script for the next Star Trek film (which he's expected to direct), while last week Kurtzman said that "front and center" on his list of priorities is getting Universal's rebooted monsters universe off the ground - but he also mentioned that he's been working alongside Drew Goddard on Sinister Six. However, in the site's report on Kurtzman's comments, Badass Digest's Devin Faraci wrote that "every day that passes I hear more and more scuttlebutt that makes me think 'Sinister Six' is dead or dying."

Similarly, the famous (or infamous, whichever you prefer) "scooper" El Mayimbe recently made waves when he posted the following, self-explanatory Tweet: