Singer-less Superman 2, Justice League Delayed

It's being reported that Bryan Singer won't be returning to the Superman franchise, as he's busy editing Valkyrie, his film opening this summer and starring Tom Cruise, and will segue into The Mayor of Castro Street, which tells the story of famed San Francisco gay activist Harvey Milk, though there's another movie about Milk going into production soon.

Too bad; unlike others, I liked Superman Returns a lot, and was looking forward to Singer's sequel, which he promised would be "Wrath of Khan-like," which means he could make a killer sequel, much like Khan was.

See why Justice League is being delayed after the jump, plus news on a third Batman film.

Meanwhile, looks like George Miller's controversial Justice League film is being delayed until after the writers strike is over. It's controversial, because Christian Bale won't be Batman (who has voiced his dismay over JL) and Brandon Routh won't be Superman.

Lastly, Warner Bros., which releases all DC Comics movies, is so pleased with The Dark Knight, they're beginning to woo director Christopher Nolan to helm a third film. The rumored title is Shadow of the Bat. Amen! TDK looks like a fantastically awesome film! It's the "other movie" I'm looking forward to this year, following Iron Man.

Source: Superhero Hype!

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