Secret Origin of Sinestro (Before Green Lantern) Revealed

Sinestro before he was a Green Lantern in Justice League #3

Warning: SPOILERS through Justice League #3

The latest issue of Justice League reveals the secret origins of Sinestro - once considered the greatest member of the Green Lantern Corps, before he became its greatest enemy. The comic also unveils more information regarding the strange cosmic powers altering the present-day DC Comics Universe and how these forces tie into Sinestro's past.

Many comic readers are familiar with Sinestro as a Green Lantern villain who wields a power ring similar to those utilized by the Green Lanterns, save that it generates objects made of yellow light and is powered by Fear rather than Willpower. Devotees know his full name is Thal Sinestro and that he once served with distinction as a Green Lantern for many years, before his fears of his home world falling to chaos led to his abusing his power and installing himself as a tyrant.

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Few readers know anything of Sinestro's life before joining the Green Lantern Corps and how he was once an anthropologist, whose specialty was reconstructing the ruins of long-dead civilizations. This detail was originally revealed in Secret Origins of Super-Villains 80-Page Giant #1, which told the tale of how Sinestro was recruited into the ranks of the Green Lanterns.

The opening pages of Justice League #3 expand upon this bit of trivia, examining an unexplored chapter of Sinestro's personal history. We see that the young Thal Sinestro was an adventurer/anthropologist cut from the same cloth as Indiana Jones, far from the fastidious academic one would expect given Sinestro's behavior as a mentor and trainer in The Green Lantern Corps.

This flashback also recalls how a young Thal Sinestro sought to prove the reality of a power thought only to be a legend. This power has now been revealed as an invisible emotional spectrum forged of repressed emotions, that acts as a dark mirror of the emotional spectrum that empowers the various Lantern Corps that draw power from Willpower, Fear, Hope, Rage, Greed, Compassion and Love. Sinestro also discovered that this invisible spectrum drew its power from a sentient sun known as Umbrax, which had formed a phantom galaxy around itself by taking control of worlds besieged by chaotic powers.

It was for this reason that the young Sinestro took a hand in helping to trap Umbrax and hide away the dark power of the invisible spectrum. Unfortunately, it seems that Sinestro is now tapping into that same power and he likewise infected Green Lantern John Stewart with it. Worst of all, the end of the latest Justice League comic reveals that Umbrax has escaped from his cosmic prison.

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Justice League #3 is now available from DC Comics.

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