Sin City TV Show Reboot in the Works

Bruce WIllis in Sin City

Frank Miller's film noir-influenced graphic novel series Sin City is now headed to television. Since its first serialized installment in April 1991, Miller's comics have equally entertained fans of hard crime and graphic novels. With intertwining stories and characters often recurring and criss-crossing, the comics retain a mostly black and white color scheme, as crime bosses and politicians compete for control on the streets of Basin City.

A strange mix of style and substance, the pulp fiction of Sin City has already been adapted to the big screen twice, with Miller sharing the director's chair alongside Robert Rodriguez for the 2005 and 2014 Sin City movies, respectively. With a combined take of nearly $200 million worldwide, The Weinstein Company/Dimension films rank up there with Scream and Spy Kids as the studio's valuable assets.

Now, according to an exclusive report from Deadline, the Sin City franchise is being rebooted by way of a television series. With the TV show described as being "a far departure from the films," the new Sin City series will hew closely to the graphic novels while getting a fresh take by writer Glen Mazzara (The ShieldThe Walking Dead), who serves as showrunner. Plans are in place to introduce original characters and timelines within the comic's universe.

In addition, Underworld director Len Wiseman will be calling the shots on the Sin City TV show. Wiseman's recent television credits also include the pilot episodes of Sleepy Hollow and Lucifer. Overseeing and producing this Sin City reboot is Stephen L'Heureux (producer of the 2014 film Sin City: A Dame To Kill For). Also taking producer credits alongside L'Heureux are Miller, Mazzara, Wiseman and, naturally, Bob and Harvey Weinstein.

Mickey Rourke As Marv Sin City
Mickey Rourke as Marv from the Sin City movies

Although a network partner has not been announced yet, Deadline reports that multiple networks are expressing interest in the Sin City TV show. With its successful comic-to-TV adaptations of Preacher and The Walking Dead, AMC is a likely contender for the series. Ironically, there has been no mention of Robert Rodriguez as being involved with this reboot. His El Rey Network made a three season series run of From Dusk Till Dawn, from the film released originally under the banner of Dimension Films. Though a natural fit for demographic, El Rey Network would have to contend with the likes of additional presenters of comic-book adaptations like Cinemax (currently airing Outcast), Syfy (Wynona Earp), and of course The CW. Digital providers of original content are also likely premiere venues, like Hulu (which launches the comic-book character The Tick on August 25th) and Netflix (home to a number of Marvel adaptations, including this year's Iron Fist.

Though A Dame to Kill For was met with mixed reviews, both of Miller and Rodriguez's Sin City films maintained the comics' ultra-violent streak, peppered with occasional blasts of red, yellow, blue and pink found in its source material. As much as Sin City's visual style is a part of its make-up, mostly black and white content is a rare find on the small screen. Even The Walking Dead was adapted into blood and mud-stained color from its black and white origins.

Another stumbling block, or possibly this reboot's most obvious challenge, is the middling response to A Dame to Kill For. The sequel bombed at the box office, dropping 78% from the first film even after nine years of ticket price inflation and 3D bump up. The Sin City sequel's comic book aesthetic, which was unique when the first movie was released in 2005, has been cribbed by other movies since then, including Frank Miller's own poorly-received comic book adaptation The Spirit. The creative team behind the Sin City TV show will, no doubt, be taking this into account.

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We will bring you more information about the Sin City TV show as it becomes available.

Source: Deadline

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