Robert Rodriguez Talks 'Sin City 2'

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Robert Rodriguez remains as busy a filmmaker as ever, but it's been a while since he gave an update on Sin City 2, the followup to his 2005 cinematic adaptation of Frank Miller's grisly graphic novel Noir series.

Rodriguez discussed the Sin City sequel with fans during a Facebook livechat this past weekend, and revealed that it could be the next project on his to-do list, after Spy Kids 4.

Sin City 2 - the script for which Rodriguez says he and Miller are working on - will likely not be a traditional sequel to its predecessor since, well, a lot of the central characters died in that film. Miller's original Sin City comic books were not released in chronological order and later volumes included stories that jumped back in time as to include certain individuals (for example, Marv) whose final destination had previously been revealed.

One name that Rodriguez mentioned during the FB chat as a possible returning player for Sin City 2 was that of Hartigan, Bruce Willis' cop-with-a-bum-ticker. There were rumblings from Miller quite awhile back about how he had written a story for Sin City 2 that involved Nancy Callahan (Jessica Alba) dealing with the aftermath of the events that occurred in "That Yellow Bastard" - the Hartigan storyline in the Sin City movie - but, if Willis does return, that might not be the case after all.

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Rodriguez did not rule out the possibility that the "Hell & Back" storyline from Miller's original books could show up in Sin City 2. Johnny Depp was long rumored as the top choice to play the protagonist of that piece (an artist/war hero/short order cook named Wallace), but there would be little chance of that happening if work on the Sin City sequel begins next year.

Filming has begun on the fourth Spy Kids - which, like all of Rodriguez's productions, is being shot at his Troublemaker Studios base in Austin, Texas - and Rodriguez may not direct the Deadpool movie because of his Spy Kids 4 commitment. Does that mean he has room in his schedule for Sin City 2 now? Miller might be hoping so: a new Sin City movie might even wash away memories of the travesty that was Miller's cinematic adaptation of The Spirit. Maybe.

We will keep you posted on the status of Sin City 2 as more news comes our way.

Source: Facebook (via The Playlist)

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