'Sin City 2' Adds Jeremy Piven, Ray Liotta and Juno Temple

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The cameras are (finally) rolling on the 3D sequel Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, almost eight years after Robert Rodriguez first teamed with Sin City creator Frank Miller on a purist adaptation of the latter's strikingly-violent, B&W neo-Noir graphic novel series.

A Dame to Kill For features several returning cast members from the first Sin City movie, including Mickey Rourke as Marv, Rosario Dawson as Gail and Jessica Alba as Nancy. Meanwhile, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is playing a new character - created for the film by Miller and co-screenwriter William Monahan (The Departed) - and Josh Brolin is taking over the role of Dwight from Clive Owen, for story purposes.

The Playlist has unearthed three more names who are supporting cast members for Sin City 2: Jeremy Piven, Ray Liotta and Juno Temple. The three (whose roles are, for now, under-wraps) are joining such franchise newcomers as Christopher Meloni, Dennis Haysbert - who is filling in for the late Michael Clarke Duncan as Manute - and Jamie Chung (The Man with the Iron Fists) replacing Devon Aoki as Miho, since the latter actress is expected to give birth very soon.

Piven has been working in England on the TV show Mr. Selfridge (which airs on PBS this year), following the conclusion of HBO's Entourage in 2011. Meanwhile, Liotta graced the big screen in Killing Them Softly this past November and has two buzz-worthy crime-dramas arriving soon (The Place Beyond the Pines and Iceman). Last, but not least: Temple made a solid impression last year, with her brief role in Dark Knight Rises and performance in Killer Joe; in 2013, she's going to show up in films like Lovelace and Horns with Daniel Radcliffe, along with the Sundance 2013 Film Festival premiere Magic Magic.

Jeremy Piven Ray Liotta and Juno Temple cat in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
Piven, Liotta and Temple are joining 'Sin City 2'

At this point, the only major casting announcement left for A Dame to Kill For is, well, said "Dame": Ava Lord, Dwight's ex-lover and a woman looking to escape her abusive billionaire husband; though, this being based on a Frank Miller comic book, it probably goes without saying that her true plans are more sinister and conniving than that. Expect an update on that casting in the foreseeable future.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For hits theaters on October 4th, 2013. That's three weeks after another Rodriguez sequel, Machete Kills, opens.


Source: The Playlist

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