Mickey Rourke in Talks for 'Sin City 2'; More Casting Updates

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Earlier this summer, Dimension Films confirmed that Sin City 2,  the sequel to Robert Rodriquez and Frank Miller's Sin City, will be released on October 4, 2013.

Now that the film and release date are confirmed, here comes the fun part: the casting. Sin City boasted a star-studded ensemble including Bruce Willis, Clive Owen, Rosario Dawson, Benicio Del Toro and many others. The studio has confirmed the likely return of Jessica Alba, who played the beautiful Nancy Callahan and Mickey Rourke, who played Marv, a tough-as-nails thug with an affection for pretty women. It's now being reported that Rourke is now officially in negotiations to reprise his role in the sequel entitled, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

In the first Sin City, Marv received death by electrocution, which might present a problem for his character to reappear in the second, save for the fact that the sequel is really a prequel of sorts. Miller's second installment in the series will take fans through interlinking stories and characters that fin in before, during, and after the first film. William Monahan, most recently known for his adapted screenplay for Scorsese's 2006 hit, The Departed, co-wrote the script A Dame to Kill For with Miller.

Michael Madsen in 'Sin City 2'

Michael Madsen, who plays corrupt police officer Bob in the first film, was asked by MTV News if he would like to return in the sequel. Despite the Internet reporting that he would indeed reprise his role as Bob in A Dame to Kill For, it still remains a mystery to Madsen, as he hasn't officially been asked back yet. " I can’t seem to get an answer out of anybody,” says the actor. If given the chance, however, Madsen explains, “Well, sure. I thought the first one was pretty good. Of course, I’d like to be a part of it.”

The original Sin City grossed $160 million worldwide and explored a very unique and vibrant world that Rodriguez and Miller brought to fruition. Unlike its predecessor, A Dame to Kill For is adopting the current industry trend and will be presented in 3D.  Will the 3D in the film feel gimmicky and fall flat like most other 3D films of the decade? Or will the depth and range Rodriquez brings to his other films,  really have the chance to come alive, in all its guts and glory, in 3D?

Source: Deadline

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