Sin City 2 Finally Moving Forward

Movie fans rejoice!

With the recent build-up of projects that Robert Rodriguez has on his plate, coupled with past comments of it not happening anytime soon, it seemed like the possibility of a Sin City 2 was so far away that it wasn't worth thinking about. And yet, in a recent interview with IGN, Rodriguez revealed quite the opposite: He's already talking to some key players about the sequel.

While promoting the Blu-ray release of Sin City (as he was when he confirmed that the Barbarella movie is dead), Rodriguez gave an update on the progress of the long awaited sequel. It's certainly good news for those wanting more of the stylized, violent black-and-white world:

"People have been talking about Sin City 2 since the first one came out... Whenever I'm out and about, people say, 'When's Sin City 2 coming? When's Sin City 2 coming?' They've been asking that for years. So this probably will add to that, certainly."

"I actually had a phone call with some of the players in it today, but I was on a plane so I missed it... So next week we're going to talk about it some more and get a timing on when we'd be doing it. But there's a lot of people who are interested in it... We are definitely going to do that one."

As far as which of the original graphic novel stories the sequel would include, Rodriguez said A Dame to Kill For, as well as some other original stories that Frank Miller has come up with:

"There's a lot of stories," Rodriguez said. "That was sort of the approach I took to it. That's why there's three stories in the [first] movie, because I thought, 'I love this material, but gosh, what happens if it's not successful and I don't get to make a part two and part three. I still want to see "The Big Fat Kill" and "That Yellow Bastard."' So I wanted to put them all in one movie so I could at least get some of these stories out of my system. But there's still so many books and so many stories to do."

Just when one disappointing piece of news comes along about Rodriguez not doing Barbarella anymore, along comes one that more than makes up for it. A Sin City sequel has been alluded to ever since the first one came out, but busy schedules of most of the key players - namely Rodriguez, Rosario Dawson, Clive Owen - seemed to have postponed it indefinitely, at least, up until this point.

It's very satisfying to hear that the ball has started rolling again with the sequel, even if it isn't confirmation of the start of filming, the signing of any cast members or anything that's in-stone. This could be Rodriguez speaking wishfully, but nonetheless, it sounds a bit more concrete than the "maybes" we've had in the past.

If any project on the horizon for Rodriguez should take precedent over other things, it would be Sin City 2. I hope, and expect, that we'll get some more info on the moving ahead of the project pretty soon.

So are you glad that things are finally moving forward with Sin City 2? Would you like it to be the first thing on Rodriguez's mind before his other projects or should he wait?

Source: IGN

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