Clive Owen (pictured above) brought Dwight “I’m out of my mind” McCarthy to life in directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s Sin City, but those familiar with the source material understand why Josh Brolin is taking over the role in the followup, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (which takes place before, during and after events in the first movie).

Rodriguez’ current workload – editing Machete Kills and starting production on Sin City 2 – is keeping him busy, but he’s paused to provide his Twitter followers a first look at Brolin as the Dwight character on-set. The filmmaker also unveiled a photo offering a reasonable approximation of how the finished product will look.

Below, you get a taste of the challenging acting experience on a Sin City movie (as seen from the sidelines, it’s kind of hilarious), where cast members brood, grimace and draw inspiration from simple props and backdrops awaiting construction during post-production. Not to mention, having to play make-believe opposite absent cast members who end up being inserted into the scene at a later time (through the “magic” of editing).


The first Sin City installment is revered as a technical marvel, for its use of digital black-and-white cinematography to replicate the look of Miller’s illustrations from the source material. Rodriguez is pushing the envelope even further, by realizing that two dimensional world to life in stylized 3D with the sequel. Moreover, the general visual approach on the project is aiming closer to the intentionally rough-edged and impressionistic design of the graphic novels – now that Rodriguez feels that audiences will go for it.

In other words: the “quick photo touch up” screenshot below (featuring Brolin as Dwight) might look rather different by the time you sit down to watch Sin City 2 in theaters.


 Sin City 2: First Look at Josh Brolin as Dwight McCarthy

Sin City 2 began filming back in October 2012, with supporting actors Ray Liotta and Juno Temple (Killer Joe) wrapping their roles several weeks before the official lead casting announcements. That includes returning Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Bruce Willis and Rosario Dawson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a character written specifically for the sequel, and Brolin appearing opposite Eva Green as Ava Lord: the Dame outta’ Hell who shapes Dwight into the sedate maniac played by Owen.

Look for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For in theaters on October 4th, 2013.

Source: Robert Rodriguez

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