EA Play: The Sims 4's Next Expansion Pack Is Island Living

Sims 4 Island Living Art

The Sims 4 is getting a load of new content. The latest entry in The Sims franchise came out all the way back in 2014, but as per series tradition there's been plenty of extra DLC released along the way. The upcoming changes have now been outlined as part of E3 2019, with the Island Living pack on the way.

It's fair to say that The Sims has made a pretty big impression on the world of video games. Fans of the series have loved it from the outset, whether down to being able to manage the day to day lives of user-made characters or doing absolutely awful things to the poor Sims in question. The Sims 4 has scratched that same itch, even if there have sometimes been criticisms over a lack of content and the value of some of the additional DLC.

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Even after all these years it seems as though The Sims 4 is still getting more. As part of EA Play, EA's event for E3 2019, The Sims was given a spotlight, with this new content shared for the first time. This new expansion is called Island Living and will launch June 21 - a trailer for it can be seen below.

The Sims 4's Island Living is set on a tropical island that at first appears relaxing, although some may think twice about it once they learn that it has an active volcano. This means that those after a sense of adventure might turn towards the volcano for some fun and danger, whereas those who prefer to spend their time relaxing can go down to the beach and play with dolphins.

Of course, given that this is a Sims game, don't be surprised to see that there's a darker, comedic element to it. However, hopefully it won't go down the same route as Alex Garland's The Beach any time soon. Instead, there's more of an emphasis on being able to care for the world, as the Sims can become conservationists to actually make the island healthier over time.

Apart from that there is also an element of the fantastic. Not content with vampires, Island Living will introduce mermaids to The Sims 4, who not only are able to interact with ocean life but also have a host of powers as well. Here's hoping that it proves to be a good addition to the ever-growing library of The Sims 4 packs.

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